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Huaxmole–Ancient Mexican Goat Stew

We are in Puebla where Mole Poblano rules and great cuisine is around most corners from the zocalo. For two nights running we gave eaten at El Mural de Los Poblanos. Hail to executive chef Lisett Galicia Solis who knows how to transform ingredients into sublime flavors.  I would go to Puebla for no other reason than to dine in this restaurant!

This is Huaxmole season. For one month each year Poblano chefs and cooks prepare this Pre-Hispanic dish that originated in Tehuacan about an hour and a half from Puebla. Everyone has their own interpretation.

Huaxmole -- Goat Stew

Tonight I asked Lisette what are the secret ingredients. She said it is three things. You must wash the goat meat until it is white and scrub the bones. You must add the guaje seed to the tomato base and also small coriander seeds and greens. All the ingredients are prepared a day in advance and simmered until the goat meat falls from the bone. The broth is a rich tomato meat stock with a bite. Perfect for an early November night to take the chill off. Huaxmole is pronounced “wash- moh-lay”.

Here is a great photo of Chef Lisett Galicia Solis taken by writer/photographer Christine Zenino who traveled with me to Puebla. http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrissy575/5173992372/in/set-72157625267238771/

Below is a delicious sweet tomato, avocado and sprouts salad — with bite, crunch, and smoothness.  Delicioso!

Tomato, Avocado & Sprouts Salad