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Quick, Post-Election Note From Eric Chavez

I have been reading that NC and Virginia made history in the US by voting democrat this year! this is amazing, it makes me wanting to visit with you soon! a lot of people here is excited of having Obama as president of the US.
Anyway, there are things going on in the city of Oaxaca, today, I prepared a lecture for tomorrow, I will present how to dye cellulose fibers to a group of artists and weavers, this is fun and I am glad to see more and more people interested on this things. There are so many things going on in the city, so many workshops and reading clubs and book fairs and movie festivals. This year in the book fair we´ll have Paul Auster from the US doing reading clubs and workshops, there will be concerts, etc. I am really getting to know more about our city now that I live in it.  I am taking so many pictures with my new camera, I love it!
I wish I was there to see this exhibit, thanks for the link. I was thinking that I would like to visit California next year and go to LA and maybe dysneyland hahaha!
La tinta grita/The Ink Shouts: The Art of Social Resistance in Oaxaca, Mexico http://www.fowler.ucla.edu/incEngine/?theme=fowler_main&content=information_manager&information_manager_id=81

Oaxaca Weaving Workshop: Day 4

On the last day of the workshop, Karen worked with Federico and Janet to complete her tapestry, a glorious rainbow of red, warm yellow and orange, cream and blue. She cut the piece she will use for a wall hanging off the loom, and learned how to finish off the rug in the traditional Zapotec technique of rolling the warp threads into fringes and then tying them off.

As an instructor with her father, Janet Chavez Santiago had this to add about the four-day experience: It was a great experience for me to do the workshop with Karen. It was very satisfying to see how she learned and how she was able to create a beautiful finished product — her rug! The dyeing day was perfect. Karen said she appreciated the process of our work and how we take the time to dye the wool by hand using natural materials. I was very happy that I could teach her the mordanting process, and dyeing with acid, alkaline and a neutral base. The indigo was a challenge because it is a difficult process, but we did it and without mistakes and she was able to see the different blues and how the color changes when it comes in contact with the air. I am very excited about the next workshop we have scheduled to start on August 11. It’s full with five people and it’s going to be wonderful, too.

We are now accepting reservations for workshops starting November 22 and December 13. See the website or blog post: Oaxaca Weaving Workshop: Dancing on the Loom, for more details.