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Mexico City Airport Food

After passing through immigration (I will present my customs form in Oaxaca) I take the shortcut through the internal passage way and a short version of security and x-ray machinery to land in Sala B.  This is the big concourse waiting area where passengers connect to internal domestic flights.  It is a panoply of rstaurants, fast food joints (McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, Krispy Kreme Donuts) and gift shops.  At the other end, next to Subway and across from McDonalds is “100% Natural.”  It is healthy, delicious food at its best.  At this moment, I am eating a two cheese  (queso fresca and chihuahua), chicken breast and mustard sandwich on a toasted pan integrada (whole wheat bread) cut into lovely triangles that can be eaten in about three or four bites each.  In Oaxaca this is called a torta.   The dish is garnished with a pile of alfalfa sprouts and salad that is washed in purified water.  I’m slurping a fresh made Agua Sandia (watermelon juice water) made by a woman who is completely protected from giving or getting germs.  Her nose and mouth is covered by a guaze mask and her hands work quickly even though they are wrapped in those surgical type gloves.  I look over into the small window opening to the kitchen and see two women adorned in plastic shower caps for hair protection!   I heartily recommend this interlude between flights while you are waiting for your connection.  The perch is perfect too.  I’m sitting at a comfy barstool at a high table looking out over the hubbub.  Great people watching.  The wait staff is helpful and friendly, the menus are available in Spanish and English, the price is reasonable, ranging from $550 to 1300 pesos per dish.  Peso exchange rate today is almost 12 to the dollar. They take Visa and Mastercard, no American Express.