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Mexican Vintage Gold + Silver Jewelry Pop-Up Sale: Next

Another sweep through my jewelry collection. Getting closer to the essentials. Making some hard decisions about what to sell.  Most of these pieces are from Oaxaca and you will recognize traditional designs many reminiscent of Frida Kahlo, with amazing filigree work, and excellent craftsmanship. Several are from visits to Mexico City and Michoacan. I rarely wear them now, so here is an opportunity to bring some fine Oaxaca and Mexico pieces home.

Please make your purchase before July 1, 2016. I’m leaving Oaxaca to visit the U.S. and will bring your piece(s) with me to mail to you via USPS Priority Mail. I include mailing in the price. You send me an email telling me the  piece(s) you want by number and I send you a PayPal invoice. I confirm receipt of payment and ask you to send me your mailing address.

#1:  10K Gold vintage Oaxaca filigree earrings with pearls and bezel set, big juicy cut red glass, floral style, 2″ long.  Traditional, beautiful. $350. Rare.

#1. 10K Gold filigree with pearls and red cut glass, bezel set. $350 USD.

#1. 10K Gold filigree leaves with pearls and red cut glass, bezel set. $350 USD.

#1. Another view of the stone set in a bezel.

#1. Another view of the stone set in a bezel.

#2. 10K Gold filigree vintage pearls and cut glass in the Gusano style of earring. Lots of lustre. Glass is secured with gold prongs. Gusano is the maguey worm that adds flavor to mezcal! 1-1/2″ long. $325 USD. Rare.

#2. Gusano style 10K Gold filigree earrings with pearls and cut red glass. $325 USD

#2. Gusano style 10K Gold filigree earrings with pearls and cut red glass. $325 USD

#3. SOLD. 10K Gold, vintage pearl and cut red glass mini-gusanos. These are small and delicate, 1″ long. $65 USD. Rare.

#3. Mini-gusano earrings, 1" long. $65 USD

#3. Mini-gusano earrings, 1″ long. $65 USD

#4. I bought these from a famous Oaxaca jewelry maker and wore them a few times. Just too big for me, but maybe just right for you! Sterling silver, love birds, dangling jars and hot pink cut glass accent. 3″ long. $245 USD.

#4. Sterling silver with dangling jars, love birds and cut glass. $245 USD

#4. Sterling silver with dangling jars, love birds and cut glass. $245 USD

#5. 10K Gold vintage filigree and coral earrings. I bought these in Mexico City some years ago. Beautiful filigree work.  1-1/2″ long. $220 USD.

#5. 10K Gold vintage filigree earrings with coral, 1-1/2" long, $185 USD

#5. 10K Gold vintage filigree earrings with coral, 1-1/2″ long, $220 USD

#6. Sterling silver vintage earrings with pearl drops from Puebla, Mexico. 1-3/4″ long. They used to make jewelry in Puebla. No more. $175 USD

#6. Sterling Silver and pearl birds and flowers. 1-3/4" long. $155 USD.

#6. Sterling Silver and pearl birds and flowers. 1-3/4″ long. $175 USD.

#7.  The centers of the circles are white sapphires and sparkle with movement. This is a vintage pair of earrings, sterling silver and pearls, with 10K gold hooks, backing and frame. I’ve never seen anything like them anywhere. 2″ long. $145 USD. Rare.

#7. Vintage sterling silver with 10K gold hooks, white sapphires and pearls. $135 USD

#7. Vintage sterling silver with 10K gold, white sapphires and pearls. $145 USD

#8. Traditional Oaxaca sterling silver filigree earrings with coral beads, new. 2-1/4″ long. $95 USD.

#8. Traditional sterling silver filigree and coral earrings, new. $95 USD.

#8. Traditional sterling silver filigree and coral earrings, new. $95 USD.

#9. SOLD. I bought these sterling silver filigree and turquoise earrings directly from the man who made them in his home workshop in Xoxocotlan, Oaxaca. The turquoise is a little more blue than the photo shows. 1-1/4″ long. They can be yours for $125 USD.

#9. Sterling silver filigree and turquoise earrings, $95 USD.

#9. Sterling silver filigree and turquoise earrings, $125 USD.

#10. Sterling silver earrings, hand-crafted by a famous Oaxaca jewelry maker, this is the squash blossom design. 2″ long. $95 USD.

#10. Oaxaca famous maker squash blossom earrings, sterling silver. $95 USD.

#10. Oaxaca famous maker squash blossom earrings, sterling silver. $95 USD.

#11. Sterling silver handcrafted designer earrings with hearts, milagros, bows, and bezel set carnelian cabuchons. 2-1/4″ long. $125 USD.

#11. Harts milagros sterling silver earrings, carnelian cabuchons, $145 USD.

#11. Hearts milagros sterling silver earrings, carnelian cabuchons, $125 USD.

#12. Sterling silver vintage Mexican necklace from Taxco, marked 925. 18-1/2″ long, sturdy, secure box clasp. Bought in Mexico City. $85 USD.

#12. Sterling silver vintage leaf necklace, Marked Mexico 925, made in Taxco. $85 USD

#12. Sterling silver vintage leaf necklace, Marked Mexico 925, made in Taxco. $85 USD

#13. Handmade Mexican copper beads from Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan, 20″ long, strung on copper. $65 USD.

#13. Copper necklace from Michoacan. 20" long. $65 USD.

#13. Copper necklace from Michoacan. 20″ long. $65 USD.

#13. Full view copper necklace.

#13. Full view copper necklace.

#14. 2-tone Copper Necklace from Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan. 22″ long. $65 USD.

#14. 2-tone copper necklace from Michoacan, $65 USD

#14. 2-tone copper necklace from Michoacan, $65 USD

#14. Full view of copper necklace, 22' long.

#14. Full view of copper necklace, 22′ long.


Pop-Up Vintage Jewelry Sale: Oaxaca Gold Filigree, Mexican Sterling + More

I’m making another trip to the USA and in the move to edit my collection, I’ve taken inventory and will sell the following jewelry. Most pieces are vintage collectible and some are new and newer.

Please make your purchases by June 30, 2016. I will bring what you buy with me and ship from Santa Fe, NM after July 7.  All prices include USPS priority mail shipping within USA. Send me an email and I’ll let you know if the piece is still available, then send you a PayPal invoice. Thank you very much.

Vintage 10K Gold filigree + pearl earrings, Muñeca's, 2-1/8" long, $350 USD

Vintage 10K Gold filigree + pearl earrings, Muñeca’s, 2-1/8″ long, $350 USD

  1. SOLD. Muñecas. This earring style, little dolls, is worn by Teotitlan del Valle Zapotec women for special occasions. This pair is over 50 years old. Everything is hand-made and the pearls are affixed with 10K gold wire. Red cut glass. I bought them to help out a local friend.
10K Gold Filigree earrings, Veracruz, 1-1/2" long, $225

10K Gold Filigree earrings, Veracruz, 1-1/2″ long, $225

2. SOLD. Veracruz, Mexico flower earrings, 10K gold. Handmade filigree. Vintage. Intricately made, hangs beautifully from sturdy wires. $225 USD.

10K Gold filigree earrings, Veracruz, 1-1/4" long

10K Gold filigree earrings, Veracruz, 1-1/4″ long, $185

3. SOLD. Veracruz filigree flower earrings, vintage, handmade, smaller and a bit more delicate than #2. $185 USD

10K Gold filigree flower ring, Veracruz, size 4-1/2, with 1" flower, $95

10K Gold filigree flower ring, Veracruz, size 4-1/2, with 1″ flower, $95

4.  Veracruz Flower Ring, vintage. $95 USD.

10K Gold filigree ring, Veracruz, size 4-1/2, with 1" flower, $95

10K Gold filigree ring, Veracruz, size 4-1/2, with 1″ flower, $95

5. Veracruz 10K gold filigree flower ring. Vintage. $95 USD.

Patzcuaro, Michoacan. Handmade silver and coral dangle earrings, $110

Patzcuaro, Michoacan. New, handmade silver and coral dangle earrings, $110 USD

6. Patzcuaro handcast silver and coral earrings, 2-1/2″ long dangles. $110

Mazahua New Silver + Coral Bird Earrings, $145

Mazahua New Silver + Coral Bird Earrings, 2-1/2″ long, $145 USD

7. SOLD. Silver and Coral Bird Earrings made by the Mazahua people in Estado de Mexico. These are cast and carved with lots of moving parts for movement when you walk. Very traditional design. 2-1/2″ long. $145 USD

Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan, Copper Ball Earrings, new, 1" long, $65

SOLD Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan, Copper Ball Earrings, new, 1″ long, $65

8. SOLD. Copper Ball Earrings have a non-tarnish finish. $65 USD. I was in Santa Clara del Cobre last year where I bought these. Love the sheen.

Matl-style vintage earrings, sterling, turquoise, coral, amethyst, $225

Matl-style vintage earrings, sterling, turquoise, coral, amethyst, $225

9. Matl-style, sterling, turquoise, coral and amethyst earrings. I bought these at a Mexico City antiques market. They have post-backs. All stones in excellent condition. 2-1/4″ long. Stamped Mexico 925. $225 USD.

Jadeite + Sterling Vintage 40's Choker & Bracelet, $250

Ballesteros Jadeite + Sterling Vintage 40’s Choker & Bracelet, $250 USD, 2 pieces

10. SOLD. Carved Masks necklace and bracelet set. Jadeite and sterling. Necklace is 16″ long with a secure hook clasp. Bracelet is 6″ long and will fit a small wrist. All carved masks in perfect condition. Marked Ballesteros, Hand Made, Taxco Mexico. Ballesteros was one of the finest silversmith studios. More photos below:

Ballesteros hand made necklace and bracelet set. Photo 10B.

Ballesteros hand made necklace and bracelet set. Photo 10B.

Black Onyx Vintage Bracelet, 7" long, $155

Black Onyx Sterling Silver Vintage Bracelet, 7″ long, 3/4″ wide, $145 USD

11. Black Onyx, Sterling Silver Filigree with sturdy box clasp, 7″ long bracelet. This is a vintage piece found in a North Carolina rural antique shop. They knew what they had! Stamped Sterling Mexico. $145 USD. Another photo below.

11B. Black Onyx + Sterling filigree bracelet, box clasp.

11B. Black Onyx + Sterling filigree bracelet, box clasp.


Art Deco Jadeite Sterling Silver Ball Bracelet, with rope detail, 8" long, $155

Jadeite Sterling Silver Ball Bracelet, with rope detail, 8″ long, 1/2″ wide, $155

12. SOLD. Jadeite and Sterling Ball Bracelet with sturdy box clasp. $155 USD.

12B. Jadeite + Sterling Bracelet clasp detail.

12B. Jadeite + Sterling Bracelet clasp detail. Taxco 925.

Huichol hand beaded earrings. 3" long. $28 USD

Huichol hand beaded earrings. 3″ long. $22 USD

13. Huichol peoples make gorgeous beadwork. These are great summer casual fun. $22 USD.

Huichol beaded earrings, 3" long, new $30 USD

Huichol beaded earrings, 3″ long, new $22 USD

14. Brown, Pink, Cream, Black beaded Huichol earrings, with sterling hooks, 3″ long, $22 USD

Waxed Linen Crochet Flower earrings, 2-3/4" dia. from Estado de Mexico, $35 USD

Waxed Linen Crochet Flower earrings, 2-3/4″ dia. from Estado de Mexico, $30 USD

15. Hot pink, purple with a touch of yellow, makes this pair of earrings a knock-out for summer. All hand-crochet work, tight, and strong. I bought these in Malinalco, Estado de Mexico. $30 USD

Silver Jewelry Makers to Leave Oaxaca

Silversmiths Brigitte Huet and her husband Ivan Campant are making their last sterling silver jewelry castings in December 2013.  They will dismantle their Oaxaca Kand-art studio in early January 2014 to prepare for a permanent move to Brittany, France in early spring.  For over twenty years, Brigitte and Ivan have been carving intricate, traditional  Mexican designs derived from Azetc, Mixtec and Zapotec symbology using the ancient lost wax casting method.   Sadness does not begin to express how I feel about this.  It is a creative loss for Oaxaca.

Here is a message from Brigitte and Ivan to share with you:

Dear Friends,

I write because we may have met in Oaxaca, during one of our trips to the United States, or in a jewelry making workshop you attended.  Perhaps you collected and wear one of our jewelry creations.  I write to share this news with you.  

My husband Ivan and I are returning to France in March 2014 where we will live permanently.  It has been a difficult decision since Oaxaca has been our home for over 20 years and we have met many wonderful people like you during the time we have lived and worked here.

We want to stay connected to you and hope you will join our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005496314184where we post photographs and the process of how we work.   There will be new designs to come, too.  We will create these after we settle into our new home in France.  My Facebook email is brigittes.huet@gmail.com or kandamex@yahoo.com

Who knows ?  Perhaps you will come to visit us there or we will see you again somewhere else!  Maybe even in Oaxaca!  Thank you for your interest and support of our work.  We appreciate it.

Con besos y abrazos – with kisses and hugs – a bientôt – until we meet again,

Brigitte Huet and Ivan Campant


Their work can be found at El Nahual Gallery, 5 de Mayo, Central Historico, Oaxaca.  They are also accepting special orders which they will cast and make before they leave.  For any of you who know their work, you know how finely detailed it is, the quality of the workmanship, and the love and caring that goes into each piece.  For those of us who love Mexico, Kandart work represents a contemporary interpretation of pre-Hispanic life and reverence for the forces of nature:  earth, wind, fire, water, sun and moon, soaring eagle, grecas and caracols.  The codices become wearable art.

Yesterday, Brigitte and Ivan came to the casita for lunch.  They brought with them treasured plants to entrust in my care.  I promise to care for them well.  We talk about their future and leaving Oaxaca.  We talk about how everything they own must fit into one small shipping container.  We talk about how tourism has changed since the 2006 APPO demonstrations, fear of drug violence, and the economic crash of 2009.

I am reading Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart by Mark Epstein, M.D., a Buddhist psychiatrist-therapist.  He talks about transience and letting go.  He reminds me of the impermanence of all things.  He tells  me to be mindful of each moment and the beauty therein.  To be is more important than to do.

This is a perfect lesson for me as I begin to say goodbye to Brigitte and Ivan.  They are leaving Oaxaca but they are not leaving my life.  A bientot.  Until the next time.  Perhaps in Bretagne.

Earrings, a Pendant, Dreams Realized: Sterling Silver Jewelry Workshop

Beryl Simon from Boston, Massachusetts, signed up with us to take a sterling silver jewelry making workshop before she visited Oaxaca.  She wrote:  I love working with silver! I have a passion for jewelry making and design, and would like to expand my skills. I also love the work created in this workshop that I see on-line.  I invited Beryl to write about her experience.


 BerylSimon3  2.detail carving md

My recent trip to Oaxaca with my husband was wonderful in every way, but the high point for me was a three-day lost wax sterling silver jewelry workshop with Brigitte Huet and Ivan Campant. My dream was to work hands-on and one-on-one with master craftsmen amidst the color and charm of this beautiful city. And I took away not only the memories and new skills, but also a rather-professional-looking sterling silver pendant and set of earrings that I will treasure forever.

8.pendant finished md BerylSimon2

On Friday morning, Day One of the workshop, I started out by taxi from our city center B&B to their home studio in a nearby residential area.  In my enthusiasm, I arrived a bit early (sorry Brigitte!), but was welcomed with a cup of tea and an introduction to two aging, friendly and adorable dogs.  Then we got to work.

1.wax carving md 2.work at the table md

Lost-wax carving is an ancient and venerable tradition. Brigitte and Ivan showed me techniques that combine both ancient and modern techniques.  It was fascinating. During the first day, I learned to carve a traditional design using simple tools.  I must confess that I have no talent for carving wax! But somehow, Brigitte, with her patience and clear instruction, helped make it work for me. The difficulty of the wax carving process and doing it well made me appreciate even more the talent required to craft one of Brigitte and Ivan’s gorgeous creations.

After a focused morning, we took a break for a delicious lunch, which we bought from a local street vendor.  Brigitte made a tasty agua fresca (fresh fruit and water) drink and the dogs entertained us with some very cute tricks. And then, back to work.

6.sling casting md 5.melting silver md

Day Two, Saturday, was devoted to casting the silver using a hand-sling and a charcoal fire.  I also learned to use a more modern motorized centrifuge.  I doubt there are many places in the world where students can learn this traditional method. Slinging molten silver is exciting but rather scary, and I was glad that Ivan had me practice this skill using water, while he slung the real piece. It was magic plunging the mold into water and pulling out the completed silver “tree.”

When I saw the sterling pendant I created, I was amazed. (I should mention that the cost of the silver is part of the workshop fee, making this a remarkable value.)  Heating the mold for casting takes hours, and during the down time, Brigitte guided me through carving a second wax piece based on my own design. Someday, I hope to finish and cast this piece as well.

4.plaster md 4.soldering md

I spent Day Three, Sunday, with master silversmith Ricardo. As a student silversmith, this was a particularly important time for me. Under Ricardo’s guidance I worked entirely hands-on, from melting and recycling silver into sheet and wire, through to a finished and professional-looking pair of traditional-style earrings. In the process I honed my existing skills and learned many new ones, raising my level from beginning silversmith to intermediate level. I doubt that I could have had one-on-one experience like this anywhere else in the world.

What I learned:

  • Melting and pouring silver into forms.
  • Pressing sheet and pulling wire.
  • Learning the correct way to use a saw. I no longer have fear of making complex forms.
  • Practicing techniques for piercing with drill and burr.
  • Creating texture with dapping and stamping.
  • Soldering.
  • Polishing, polishing, polishing.
  • Making simple granulation and filigree. Because I had some experience, Ricardo guided me through this process.

The result:   Beautiful earrings that I love, and skills that I can use forever. Thank you, Brigitte, Ivan and Ricardo, for this wonderful adventure!

Interested in taking this workshop? Email us!

Beryl Simon 1 3.melting silver md 

Make Mexican Sterling Silver Jewelry: Workshop in Oaxaca

Learn to make sterling silver jewelry — rings, pendants, earrings — using the ancient lost-wax process.  This is an excellent introduction to wax carving and sling casting techniques, plus the finish work needed to laminate, stretch, cut, file, solder, polish and buff your piece.

Comprehensive 3-Day Silver Jewelry Workshop: $325

             Offered most Fridays-Saturdays-Sundays throughout the year.  Contact us to schedule a custom workshop to suit your travel plans!

Class size is limited to 4 people.

You do not need to be experienced.  
 Beginners welcome.
We work closely with each participant to suit each person’s individual learning styles and needs in a safe learning environment.   Whether you are a visitor to Oaxaca and want to add this experience to your travel itinerary or you live here, we welcome your participation.  Brigitte and Ivan speak French, English, and Spanish and they are happy to translate as they teach.

Workshop Schedule:

  • Day One:  9 a.m. to late afternoon, with a lunch break (bring your own lunch).  We may end at 5 or 6 p.m., depending on group size.
  • Day Two: 10 a.m. to late afternoon, with a  lunch break (bring your own lunch).  We may end at 5 or 6 p.m., depending on group size.
  • Day Three: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with one hour lunch break (bring your own lunch).

During the first two days, you will:

  • Choose and reproduce a design based on ancient Mixtec, Aztec, Mayan and Zapotec symbols
  • Carve, build-up and sculpt a 3-dimensional Kand-art design in wax for a pendant or a ring
  • Prepare the casting flask with plaster for your piece
  • Attend to the oven with the flask in the charcoal
  • Participate with supervised instruction to cast the silver in the mold
  • Learn how to use the sling to cast your own work in the future
  • Hand-finish, buff and polish your piece so it is ready-to-wear

All materials, tools, instruction and your sterling silver piece are included in the course fee.

On Day Three, you will have an Introduction to Classical Jewelry Making.  You will learn to use classical jewelers’ tools: the laminator, pliers, saws, electric motor, solder torch, and do finish work using different grades of sandpaper to clean, polish and buff.  In this session you will learn how to melt the quantity of metal you will need, laminate it, stretch it, cut it, and solder the different elements of a design together.  Using the techniques you learn, you will build up a small silver pendant or a pair of earrings ready to wear, choosing a design among the ones we offer you.

Sue Baldassano from New York says … I spent two lovely days  learning to  make jewelry with Brigitte and Ivan in Oaxaca, Mexico. It felt great to be in a working studio with artists.  They were both passionate about their work and seemed to enjoy sharing their knowledge. They were patient, kind and open to my personal artistic style. The  surroundings were comfortable and I never felt rushed in any way.  I came home with not only a beautiful necklace but an appreciation for  the art of jewelry making.

About the Lost-Wax Process.  In many cultures in South America, as well as Africa and India, gold and silversmiths used the technique of lost-wax casting to create complex and delicate shapes.  The item to be cast is first modeled in wax and a clay mold is built around it with a small hole piercing the mold.  The mold is baked until the wax melts and runs out of the mold through the hole.  The molten material is then poured through the same hole into the empty cavity.  After it cools and hardens the mold is broken open and the casting is removed and cleaned.

Lost Wax Workshop Photos: The Process and the Product


All materials, tools, instruction and your sterling silver piece are included in the course fee.

I had a wonderful workshop experience.  Thank you for the class of a life-time. For a serious jewelry student, this is an opportunity that I doubt is available anywhere else in the Americas – and certainly not at this price.  –Beryl Simon



Carol Egan from New Jersey says … I absolutely loved the three-day workshop for making Mexican sterling silver! I learned how to carve in wax and cast a sterling silver pendant/ring. I also made earings and a carved ring. I found the casting in the ancient sling facinating! Absolutely everything is done from scratch as it has been done through the history of silver jewelry making. I worked with three master jewelers. You will love the work of Brigitte, Ivan and Ricardo! I learned to saw metal and solder using the torch, and then polish my piece. If you really want to learn how to make silver jewelry this is the class. The teachers are very kind and professional. They are also patient guiding you through each step. If you wish to make some of your own designs this must be organized a head of time. They have this down to a science. If you are serious about making silver jewelry this is the class for you!

Photos of Classical Jewelry Making Process and Product


Who Should Attend: You do not have to be an experienced jeweler or artist to participate!  Beginners are welcome.

  • Artists
  • Hobbyists
  • Jewelry designers
  • Aspiring jewelers
  • Anyone who wants to have fun and make something special

About Your Workshop Leaders—Brigitte Huet and Ivan Campant, Kand-Art Jewelry Workshop

Kand-Art creations are inspired by pre-Hispanic symbols and carved in high relief.  The jewelry has been exhibited and sold in galleries throughout the United States and in Oaxaca, and many have collected their work over time whenever they return to Oaxaca, or when Brigitte and Ivan travel to the U.S. for private shows.  Kand-Art Jewelry designs are in private collections throughout the world.

Brigitte Huet.  Brigitte Huet attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts and majored in art history at university in France.  She was the first young woman apprentice accepted into the studio of a Lorraine, France, master jeweler where she learned to work in silver before emigrating to Oaxaca in 1993.  Brigitte is an experienced classroom teacher as well as a talented jewelry designer.  Her designs are fluid, interpretive and elegant.

Ivan Campant.  Fascinated by the Mayan culture, Ivan is an accomplished self-taught artist and musician.  His jewelry designs are detailed, intricate, textural and complex and incorporate many of the Mayan symbols that intrigue him.  He began carving wax designs for the jewelry soon after he and Brigitte arrived in Oaxaca from France.  An older Zapotec jeweler – a master craftsman – taught Ivan how to use the traditional sling for casting the silver in the ancient technique.

Workshop Location.  The workshop will be held in the Oaxaca, Mexico home studio of Brigitte and Ivan, in a neighborhood about 10-15 minutes from the historic center of Oaxaca.  Transportation at your own expense.  You can take a taxi (40-50 pesos [$4-5 USD] one-way) or a local bus.  We’ll give you more details and directions after you register.  Brigitte and Ivan will call a taxi to return you to the historic center at the end of the workshop day.

Meals.  All meals are on your own and at your own expense.  Most of our participants bring their own lunch.  There is a lovely local market, Mercado de Santa Rosa, two blocks from the studio, where you can shop and bring your food back to the studio.  There is a lovely patio garden where you can take lunch and refreshments.

Lodging.  All lodging is on your own/at your own expense.  This gives you the flexibility to choose the level of accommodation that best suits your travel preferences.  You make and pay for your own hotel reservations. We can offer suggestions and contact information for places to stay.    If you are interested in recommendations, let me know.

Marty Knight from North Carolina says …  I recently spent a few fabulous weeks in and around Oaxaca.  A highlight of the trip was the lost wax silver “experience” with Brigitte and Ivan.  With their clear and masterful  instructions and their hands-on teaching techniques I never felt overwhelmed. One of the many benefits of taking classes with them was learning about the highly developed pre-Columbian Zapotec and Mixtec civilizations.  Their positive and always helpful attitude made me want to go further.  And, in fact, I did.  I extended the original class to make a beautiful, original design ring that has received many compliments and even offers to buy it off my finger! I have taken jewelry courses as a hobby for several years but this was the most enlightening instruction to date.  I’m looking forward to more instruction from Brigitte and Ivan and Ricardo, a local silver expert, in the future.  Do yourself and favor and spend some time learning from Brigitte and Ivan.

Reservations and Cancellations.   Full payment is required to guarantee your spot.  We prefer Payment with PayPal.    We will send you an invoice. If cancellation is necessary, please notify us in writing by email 45 days before the start of the workshop and we will refund 50% of your course fee.   After that, no refunds are possible.

We strongly recommend that you take out trip cancellation, baggage, emergency evacuation and medical insurance before you begin your trip, since unforeseen circumstances are possible.

To register or for questions, contact us by email or Skype: oaxacaculture

This workshop is produced by Norma Hawthorne, Oaxaca Cultural Navigator LLC.