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Getting the Best Airfares Is More Than Luck: Think TUESDAY

Getting the best airfares is not a “hit and miss” proposition.  The New York Times travel writer Michelle Higgins writes on January 7, 2011, that “Navigating the Airfare Maze Online Gets Tougher.”

But, good deals are still to be had.  And, she tells us which search engines to use to compare and get the best fares.  I’ve written before about searching for and buying your tickets on Tuesday. Now there is an algorithm that can tell you the likelihood of a fare going up or down over the next week!

I like using TripAdvisor and Airfarewatchdog.  The news of the week is that American Airlines has just pulled out of Orbitz, Expedia dropped American, and Delta has cut ties with several aggregators.  Others may follow.  Seems that the airlines want to save the fees associated with online travel agents and offer discounts only through their own websites — like online frequent flyer programs!

There are some very good cost savings tips in this Higgins article, so if you are looking for a competitive fare to Oaxaca, read “Navigating the Airfare Maze Online Gets Tougher” story first.  At least, until the next round of changes come around the airwaves.