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Contribute to the Oaxaca Cultural Navigator blog and tell us your favorite things about Oaxaca:  the food you like and where you like to eat it, the arts and crafts — who makes it and where you buy it, street life, music, textiles, wood carving, pottery, beverages, lodging, villages, shopping, archeology, and whatever else about Oaxaca that comes to mind.  Use the comments box to reply.

What Janet Chavez Santiago loves about Oaxaca:

I love the weather, the quesillo.

I love the kindness of people.

I think Oaxaca is the warmest state in the country.

Also, I love its cultural diversity!!

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  1. I love the year round fiestas, celebrations of life; centuries old archeological sites, especially Mitla; touching intricately handwoven cotton and wool textiles — huipiles, rebozos, blusas; the gnarled hands of weavers; prickly pear and agave cactus –natural landscape sculpture; herds of goats and sheep; the smell of fresh corn tortillas just pulled from the comal; a twilight stroll down cobbled Macedonio Alcala in the historic center; brilliant crayola colored paint on 16th century town houses; village adobe humble homes; curly-cue grillework; mole negro and nopalitos; the dark eyes and warm smiles of my Zapotec friends; Norma’s queseria at Benito Juarez market; sopa de flor de calabassas; everything at La Olla; Brigitte’s fabulous hand-cast silver jewelry kandamex@yahoo.com; Federico Chavez Sosa’s rugs; early morning hike to the dam.

  2. I spent a month in Mexico and am desperate to return.

    My Oaxacan (city) highlights were MACO, Pilar Cabrera’s cooking classes, Los Baules de Juana Cata, the street food late at night, the arid climate gardens all around centro historico, horseriding in the foothills around Teotitlan del Valle the people who appreciate, value and celebrate their own culture … and so much more!

  3. So many things I love about Oaxaca, where do I begin? I love the sunrises and the sunsets, especially in January. I love the temperature where I can be barefoot in the dawn in winter.
    I love the smiles that light up the faces of those
    who were born there and who are proud to be a part of an ancient and ever evolving culture.

    I love the colors of the fruits and vegetables and weavings and costumes and the flowers of the trees in winter.

    I love the architecture in Centro that seems to speak of grander eras and that lends this era some grace.

    I enjoy the company of people who have spirits
    adventurous enough to relocate and live their lives in the beauty of Oaxaca Oaxaca.

    The music, the tempo of time in the zocolo and the parks, the ice cream, the arts, the parades – all of these make Oaxaca a comfortable and inspiring place to be. I am ever grateful for my winter home there.

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