Travelers Say …

We have asked people who have traveled with us over the years to tell us about their experiences and what they value about a Oaxaca Cultural Navigator LLC tour. If you have traveld with us and want to add your comments, please send an email. Thank you!


I’ve had the great fortune to travel with Oaxaca Cultural Navigator for the last seven years.  I’ve taken most of the tours they offer and have even repeated Chiapas and the Costa Chica! 

These in-depth tours have enriched my life in so many ways including lasting friendships and, of course, PLENTY of beautiful hand made textiles to wear and decorate my home with.

The deep appreciation, respect, and friendships that Norma and Eric share with the peoples and  communities we visit has set a high standard for inter-cultural understanding and acceptance, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it all. 

-Susie Robison, McCloud, California

Oaxaca Cultural Navigator tours are wonderful! I have been on the Chiapas Textile Study Tour and two one-day tours to weaving villages in the mountains. Each tour has a specific destination, subject, cultural treasure, art, and textile study. The descriptions are accurate; the itineraries are well planned, and the professional and knowledgeable bilingual guides are amazing. I loved the emphasis on the people, culture, and centuries old arts of Mexico. You will go deep as they describe. I have especially loved meeting the people of such a beautiful country. And, I have already signed up for two more tours!

-Flora Graham, La Luz, New Mexico

Thank you so very much for all the effort, thought, and time you put into planning such WONDERFUL experiences for your clients!  I was not sure I would like one-day tours after having been on your Oaxaca coastal and Chiapas textile tours, which I loved, but the one-day tours were every bit as comprehensive, deep, informative and wonderful as the “long” tours!  My friend Anabel was wowed as well;  we agree that your tours are the best anywhere.  It is hard to return from such an enriching experience in Oaxaca with your group! 

-Gretchen Corpe Ellinger, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico

This Mexico City trip to attend Original was beautifully organized and orchestrated. You packed so many varied activities into such a short time and yet remained flexible. It was WONDERFUL! And what a lovely group we had! Eric is a sensitive, talented guide whose knowledge and personal contact with the artisans gave us access most visitors will never get. I do hope to be able to travel with you again soon.

-Jan Hudson, San Francisco

I thoroughly enjoyed the in-depth tours offered by Oaxaca Cultural Navigator the days prior to Dia de los Muertos. Expert guides and artisans were entirely invested in making our experience memorable. The textile knowledge was outstanding! Demonstration of processes such as cochineal insect grinding and cacao roasting (and tasting!) really immersed us into the culture. Being invited to participate in some of the practices performed during this important holiday gave me an intimate understanding of local customs and greatly enhanced my end-of-life doula education.

-Krisa Fredrickson, Santa Barbara, CA

I’ve been on several trips with Norma Schafer and Eric Chavez to Chiapas and Oaxaca.  I’ve been so impressed with how they treat the people we interact with. They have taken us into the homes of local families and we’ve engaged with the weavers, learning about their craft and hearing their stories. We’ve met a family who planted mulberry trees and raise silkworms used in weaving beautiful textiles. We have met weavers who make their own natural dyes.  Eric comes from a family of master weavers and is very knowledgeable about every step of the weaving process. I loved spending time in the small towns and villages. The itineraries are well planned and you will come away with a feeling of having gotten to know the real Mexico.  

-Sheryl Williams, Las Cruces, NM

This life-affirming trip to the Oaxaca Coast exceeded my every imagined expectation. Norma and Eric’s combined knowledge and skills as guides are the backbone of seamless, comfortable travel.  A mix of well-curated experiences impart deep appreciation of the culture and history of Oaxaca’s varied people and soul-satisfying wonder at the very much alive traditions of Oaxaca textile makers. 

This is a trip you can’t forget. In intimate visits to homes of both young and old weavers, Norma and Eric are welcomed as old friends and the feeling is palpable. They made sure to feed all our curiosity about the weaving process from the harvested raw cotton and natural dye materials to hand-spinning thread, the techniques on back-strap loom, to design motifs and finished textiles ready to wear. 

When I wear my huipiles and think of the very women who made them the connection is profound. To me, they are works of art. 

-Liz Knisely, Sebastopol, California

Eric was a fabulous guide! Your gracious leadership was a pleasure. I hope to come to Oaxaca one day for more tours. Participating in Original was spectacular.

-Julia Rux, Cuenca, Ecuador

This was an amazing group of women to be with and experience both CDMX and ORIGINAL. Eric made it extra special with his incredible and extensive knowledge of the textiles and his friendships and connections with the artists.

-Barbara Garcia, Chula Vista, California