Women’s March Oaxaca: Just The Beginning!

One of the organizers told me the traffic police took a count and reported 2,000 people marching in Oaxaca, Mexico, on January 21. Whatever the number, it was an amazing demonstration of peaceful solidarity to support this worldwide movement.

Engage Oaxaca march organizers hold banner at front of march

The Andador Turistica — Macadonio Alcala — the cobblestone walking street lined with restaurants and tourist shops in the historic center of Oaxaca, was packed with people. They were expats and Oaxaqueños, Zapotecs, Canadians, Estadounidenses, visitors and permanent residents. We gathered together to say to the world, this newly installed president of the United States of America does not represent our values.

The signs say it all.

Click for a Compendium of Photos, News & Video at Engage Oaxaca!

The 45th President on a Oaxaca Wall.

The sentiment of the crowd felt serious yet celebratory. It was another gorgeous Oaxaca winter day with strong sun and a slight breeze as we started to gather in front of Santo Domingo Church for the 11 a.m. march. I could feel our energy, the exuberance welling as we channeled the frustration and anger we have felt in the last two months into positive action.

The is only the beginning, says Jen Psaki, Obama Staff

Mary Michal holds sign, In the entire world, no one is illegal.

I was not out in front. I trailed behind, one of the stragglers at the tail of the snake. As I stood at the peak of the Alcala at the corner of Abasolo/M. Bravo, where the street gently descends to the zocalo, the massive number of people took me off guard.

In solidarity with the people of Mexico!

When I met with some of the organizers on Wednesday morning, the prediction was for between 60 and 100 people. They would be happy with 100, they said!

Demonstrators pack the Alcala in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The message of this march is clear! We stand in solidarity with our Mexican friends and neighbors. We want a friendly relationship between governments. We do not support a wall. We stand firmly against the rhetoric of discrimination and xenophobia.

Photos, Women’s Marches Around the World

“I did not vote for Trumpistan.”

Mexicans marched with us. Mexicans stood on the sidewalks and took photos and video. Mexicans thanked me for participating and speaking out. People of good faith everywhere were joined together this day.

With the 16th century Santo Domingo Church behind us, we march.

“The March was a beautiful example of how a peaceful walk can inspire us – Canadians, Americans, Mexicans……… etc. We are all people and the somehow the underlying values will surface. Many thanks and I hope to be able to buy a v- neck shirt before we leave.” –Barbara Clough

Proud to be a Nasty Woman!

I thought of my son in Los Angeles, friends, people I do not know in every corner of the globe, especially those in Washington, D.C. on a gloomy, dreary day, making our voices heard for justice, free press, a clean environment, adequate health care coverage, equal, civil and human rights. The echo was resounding.

For the future of all our children, we march.

And, there is so much more do to. This is only the beginning. The momentum is with us. Do more than you ever thought possible. I will.

Human rights across race and gender.

When the march ended at the steps of the Metropolitan Cathedral about 40 minutes after it began, no one wanted to separate. We were an organic mass of purpose. Some climbed the few steps at the front of the cathedral and began to sing, We Shall Overcome. They sang several times more.

We had walked in silence. But we are not silent. We have a lot more to say.

I’m part of the PussyHat Nation, er … world.

Thank you to the dedicated team of organizers who formed Engage Oaxaca to create this:  Jacki Cooper Gordon, Roberta Christie, Shannon Pixley Sheppard, Nancy Clingan, Vicki Solot, Kathie McCleskey, Jess D’Great, and Erica Fox.

We will not be silenced, bullied or intimidated.


14 responses to “Women’s March Oaxaca: Just The Beginning!

  1. I love it all and was truly blown away by the turnout and enthusiasm – but I have to admit that the photo of you wearing the pussy hat I made really made me smile widely!

  2. The count was 6,000 in Santa Fe NM. We marched in snow and sleet, shoulder to shoulder, bonded together and feeling empowered and joyful. After I got home to Taos, I binge-watched Democracy Now’s coverage of the marches around the world, and really felt the power of a movement. Together, the active many will overcome the ruthless few!

    • How wonderful, Winn. We are bonded in sisterhood across the planet. Save our Planet and our Bodies and Minds! We are mindful of what has come to sit in the White House. There is so much more to do. Since I don’t have a TV, I binge watched (and watching) the online news #noalternativefacts to keep a pulse on the real reporting of real facts and figures. We are mindful. Sending love, Norma

  3. Norma,
    Feels so good to know that we are all supporting each other.
    Together we march! I joined 10,000 women, men, and children in walnut creek in the rain. It was a true high!

  4. Beautiful Norma. I thought of you all in Oaxaca as we marched in Ajijic. A perfect place to join with others in peaceful response. Yes, just the beginning!

  5. Thank you Norma. Albuquerque was wonderful. The people really did look like the face of America. We had snow and hail in the middle of the rally, but nobody cared.

  6. Hail sisters and brothers in Oaxaca! So glad you marched along with so many of us around the world. I am a proud New Yorker and will soon be spending time in Oaxaca. So happy kindred spirits are there to make me feel welcome.

  7. How wonderful! We had 100,000 here in Portland and then Jeff and I went out to the home of our friends, Francisco Bautista, his wife, Laura and children for a wonderful Oaxacan/Teotitlan dinner prepared by Laura. I felt it was a fitting way to complete my day – a lovely dinner with these wonderful people from Mexico who enrich our lives here in the US. Sin Fronteras!

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