What About Beezie? Oaxaca Dog Rescue and Finding a Home

This story has a happy ending!

Two days after I returned to Teotitlan del Valle and my home here, I wrote about the skin and bones campo dog that Janie started feeding and named Beezween, which is Zapotec for deer. Beezie leaps like one with his long legs, so it was fitting. I posted Facebook pictures of a dog who looked close to death. I thought, OMG, what am I going to do with FOUR dogs, and I put out the call for a rescue. Beezie needs a home.

Beezie taking a snoozle.

What I got were several generous donations from friends in the US, Canada and Germany to help sustain him until we could figure out a resolution. Thank you to Linda Mansour, Kate Rayner, Judith Grossmann, Barbara Szombatfalvy, Susie Robison, Donna Davis and Karen Nein.

Bottom to top: Beezie, Tia, Butch. Mamacita is missing.

Janie wanted to bring him back with her to North Carolina when she leaves next week. She fell in love! Beezie responded to her by sitting, laying and rolling over. It was a heartfelt bonding.

Janie teaching Beezie to lay down

Meanwhile, I started making buckets of chicken soup and got big bones from the local butcher. Meals were supplemented with chicken livers and gizzards.  My three loved the extra treatment and Beezie started to gain weight.

Healthier Beezie after three weeks of care and feeding

After a ton of research and many phone calls, Janie found that the least cost to transport Beezie to the US via private courier (the airlines are no longer taking responsibility for transporting animals) was out of reach — over $1,500 to start.

Beezie in distress, June 29, 2018

Way back in the beginning of my return and in a panic, I found Rebecca Durden Raab who started a not-for-profit dog rescue organization years ago in San Pablo Etla called Friends of Megan. I contacted her and got the name of the vet, Luciano, who has worked with her for over twelve years. They offer a shelter and dog placement service, including spay/neuter and healthcare. Janie followed up.

Dr. Luciano, the vet from Friends of Megan, with an outstretched hand

Yesterday, Beezie happily (and miraculously) submitted to collar and leash without a fuss. Janie led him down the drive to Omar’s waiting car and they set out for San Pablo Etla and new beginnings. We both cried but knew he would be in good hands.

Beezie sat in Janie’s lap for the entire road trip to Etla

Janie applied for and won a textile residency at Meredith College in Raleigh that starts in September, based much on the volunteer work she did with Galeria Fe y Lola here in the village during the time she house sat and cared for the dogs. She would have had her hands full with a campo dog trying to adjust to city life!

I have used the funds entrusted to me to support Beezie’s journey back to health to buy food and medicines. The funds I did not spend have been donated to Friends of Megan and to the Teotitlan del Valle Spay Neuter Clinic run by Merry Foss.

Beezie. It was hard for Janie to let him go.

Merry’s website is defunct, so if you want to donate, you can send PayPal funds to me using Friends and Family at oaxacaculture@me.com and I’ll make sure it gets to her.

The donations to Friends of Megan are tax-deductible in the USA.

My prayer is that no other starving dogs show up at my front gate!  Three is enough and it’s too hard turning a distressed animal away. There are so many here!

Thanks to everyone for following the journey.

This is not tourist life in Oaxaca. It’s the underbelly of what happens day-to-day, much the same as in other “civilized” countries where animals are mistreated, cut loose to fend for themselves. The overpopulation of dogs here is rampant. I wish I didn’t have to write this story. I’m certain not all stories, those we don’t hear about, end up like this one.


8 responses to “What About Beezie? Oaxaca Dog Rescue and Finding a Home

  1. Is the Teotitlan del Valle clinic still operational? Is there a way to contact?

  2. So many stray/uncared for dogs in Mexico. It breaks my heart and is one reason, (among others), it would be difficult for me to live there. You can only turn away from the poor animals so many times. It hardens you. But you can’t help them all.
    The idea of a pet dog can be foreign to folks who have to work hard to care for their human family. They certainly need (free) spay and neuter services there. Did Janie find out about other rules, such as quarantine, mandatory neutering if she had decided to adopt B? A ‘Go Fund Me’ account or another crowd funding source would have touched a lot of hearts. But international dog adoption must be fraught with regulations.
    Btw, BZ looks amazing. The change in his facial expression says it all. Your posts continue to convey your love for your adopted home, provide a way for some of us to help and are excellent reads. Thank you.

    • Hi Elaine,
      Yes, life here can be both difficult and very wonderful. I’m grateful to be here for many reasons, mostly to be part of a rich culture and amazing scenery. The dogs are only a smaller part of the difficulties. The three I have adopted keep me healthy since I try to walk them daily. There is an international health certificate a vet has to sign to bring a dog to the US. I do t k ow about quarantine. Maybe only if a dog has a health issue. I think Janie is disappointed she couldn’t bring him back but feels we came to the best solution for all. Thank you for your caring and concern. It means a lot to me. Norma

  3. The love in your heart was very generous
    Norma in your intervention to Beezies
    survival. So happy in the results.
    They all can’t be saved but this one seems to be smiling from your actions.
    Your other three know just how lucky they

    • Not possible without your help. Thank you Linda

      • Norma, I too wondered what happened to dog no. 4. Sorry that it didn’t work out for Janie to bring him to NC, but it sounds like he was well taken care of (And got to fall in love as well). Our sweet Macy was put down in Feb. at age 14 and it nearly broke our hearts…still hard.
        Lynn, Leslie and I had such fun in Santa Fe, but wished you were with us. It wasn’t as hot this year. I have your earrings from Lynn. Am glad to have an excuse that will Necessitate our getting together. Good wishes for a lovely end of your stay and I’ll look forward to seeing you…in Sept.??? XO, Kaola

        • Yes. See you in September and thank you for being my mule! Smooches. Lots of tragic animal stories here. I’m certain that Beezie will be placed in a caring home. That’s all we want for him. Sorry about your doggie. It’s a difficult loss after so many years. Meet will have catch up time in NC. It will come up soon. Love, Norma

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