Guide to Naturally Dyed Rugs in Teotitlan del Valle

We’re developing a detailed street map of Teotitlan del Valle that identifies the names and locations of our favorite weavers who are only working with naturally dyed wool to weave their rugs. This has required quite a bit of research; there are not many of these weavers — about 10 families that we’ve been able to tag so far. A Question for You: I’m going to put this question out there and ask for your comments. Would a detailed street map of the entire village, with a group of recommended weavers located on the map, be of value? If so, what would be a reasonable cost to pay for such a map? What would be the best way to order it, pay for it and receive it? What other information would be useful to include? Restaurants and cafes? Lodging? Walks and hikes?Please send your comments my way! Thanks.

I encourage you to read the comments below that explain how tour guides benefit from taking tourists to where they can get paid the highest commissions, regardless of quality.

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