Loco Viento — That Crazy Wind

Wind arrives and blows through the valley each day in February around 3 p.m.  It whips and blusters.  Whoosh.  It’s kite building time.  From the rooftop I can see two triangles with tails zigzagging, rising toward the top of the mountain.  In the courtyard, Taurino, the new brother-in-law, is helping the young brothers make a kite — one for each of them.  They cut sheets of green plastic and use tape and glue to affix the plastic to bamboo forms.  Later they will run in open fields to test their work.

Today there was chicken, rice and mole negro for lunch along with fresh tortillas, and a choice of guayaba juice fresh squeezed or jugo de jamaica (hibiscus flower juice).  We were deep into the editing process using Final Cut Pro, trying to figure out how to trim 15 minutes of interview and 25 minutes of broll into a 5 minute rough cut.

The wind rattles the steel framed glass windows and rustles the leaves of the pomegranate tree.  Magda’s striped “coat of many colors” scarf is a horizontal blur trailing behind her as she walks across the courtyard.  The laundry on the second story line is a string of multi-national flags.  Crows, wingspans wide open, surf the undulating air waves I cannot see.  A bee alights atop a tangerine-colored cactus flower.

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