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What has been your lodging experience in Oaxaca?  Were you satisfied with your accommodations?  Do you have recommendations for other travelers?  If you booked via the Internet, was what was promised all that it was promoted to be?  Any recommendations for where to stay?  Cost?  High end?  Moderate? Budget?  Small places?  Conference hotels?  Do you have any advice for “shopping for lodging on the Internet” that could avoid a particularly unsatisfying experience once you show up?

All ideas and comments welcome.

Because I live in Teotitlan del Valle, which is 17 miles outside the city, we rarely come into Oaxaca and stay overnight.  But, if we do, we try to book at Las Bugambilias or Casa de los Sabores, which are beautiful, small, immaculate, bed and breakfast sites.  The cost is around $80USD per night (based on current exchange rates).  The elegant, historic Camino Real hotel on 5 de Mayo, is gorgeous, would accommodate conferences, and is very costly (over $250 USD per night).

Your suggestions?

A few ideas from Roberta Christie, who has lived in Oaxaca for a number of years.  She recommends this strategy for long-term stays in response to a request about where to rent an apartment or casa for 5-7 months:

Oaxaca Lending Library on-line newsletter in the Market —  real estate section:

Craig’s List might give some leads as well.
Another plan would be to get there, stay a couple of weeks
(both offering a few rooms w/ kitchen) and then search and decide.

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