Oaxaca, Mexico Earthquake Update, March 20, 2012

Some telephone service is disrupted in Oaxaca city and surrounding villages, and I am told that there are cellular service outages, too.  However, other than pictures falling off walls and things blowing around (this happened to Al Stevens), there seems to be no major damage at this time in Oaxaca city.

Some local people take this type of event as a matter of course. Others are extremely concerned about their children and family members.  I’ve used Facebook to communicate with my god-children about their safety and then letting their parents know they are okay.  Thank goodness for the Internet.

There’s a slight breeze outside.  The weavers across the street turn on their boom boxes and play ranchera music.  All is well in the world.

Now, I’m still planning to go to Matatlan this afternoon to buy mescal.  Saludos.

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