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We’ve just added these five rugs to the Shop. Rugs are hand woven on a traditional 2-harness pedal loom in Teotitlan Del Valle, Oaxaca, by Eric Chavez Santiago. They are made with hand-spun churro sheep wool and dyed using all natural sources — cochineal, indigo, wild marigold and more!

These are sturdy enough to walk on and beautiful enough to hang on a wall. It takes about four weeks to prepare the yarn for dyeing and then to weave the piece, and then to finish off the edges. sale continues through Friday.

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These rugs and more are featured in our Shop. Go there for sizes and pricing.

Many of you know Eric. Not only is he a fine weaver, he is my godson and partner in Oaxaca Cultural Navigator LLC. Eric was born and raised in Teotitlan del Valle, and is the oldest son in the Fe y Lola weaving family. He started weaving at age eight and over the years developed a fine sense of design and use of color. When he was age 20, Eric began experimenting with cochineal and developed over 100 shades of red using different acids and bases.

With his encouragement, the family moved from using synthetic dyes to an all natural palette—sustainable, organic, environmentally responsible.

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