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Just Added! Oaxaca Weaving & Natural Dyeing Workshop — July 7-10, 2008

We’ve just added a new workshop to the calendar. This will be a 4-day workshop that will combine weaving and natural dyeing techniques to be held at the home of Federico Chavez Sosa in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca. The workshop starts on Monday and ends on Thursday. This will give you time, while you’re in Oaxaca, to visit the Sunday market in Tlacolula and the Friday market in Ocotlan. We are also holding the July 28-31 workshop as scheduled.

Who should attend? Weavers, textile artists, anyone interested in the fiber art of Oaxaca who wants to experiment with weaving on a 2-harness loom and use plant materials (moss, lichens, indigo, pomegranate) and cochineal to dye wool.

See earlier post Oaxaca Weaving Workshop: Dancing on the Loom, posted March 28, 2008, for program details.