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Sweet Teotitlan del Valle Street Dog Needs a Home: Please Help!

My re-entry to Oaxaca included a surprise. FOUR dogs, not three, in my patio.

I am looking for a caring, compassionate person to adopt Beeszween.  Beeszween is Zapotec for Little Deer. Janie named him this because of his long deer-like legs. Janie, who was house sitting for me, would keep him but she goes back to the USA soon. He’s so thin with all his ribs showing that he looks just pitiful. We know he will fill out to be a healthy dog in the right home.

Meet Beeszween from Teotitlan del Valle, a sweet dog who needs a home.

He is neutered. Before Janie arrived, Kalisa took him to Merry Foss’ village spay/neuter clinic three months ago before she returned to San Diego. Thank you, Kalisa.

I already have THREE adopted dogs from the campo and I cannot take one more into my patio. I’m so sorry! I hope you understand.

Beeszween responds to SIT and STAY commands.  He is very loving and loyal.

Can you help?  Write me at norma.schafer@icloud.com to rescue  and adopt this one-year old.  I fear that without a home, he is close to the end of his life.

His eyes say, Please help me!

How did he end up a street dog — or in our case, a campo dog, roaming the fields looking for food and comfort? He was taken in by a neighbor as a puppy to guard the corn crib down the lane. He was tied to the post of the outdoor garage. One day, I saw he had broken loose. He started trailing me, Mamacita, Tia and Butch on our countryside walks and then following my dogs home. He would leave and return. I think whomever had him has stopped feeding him. That’s what happens here.

Janie started feeding Beezie a couple of weeks ago. Of course, I have now succumbed, too. Now, he is hovering at the patio gate, begging and desperate. But, I just cannot manage having FOUR dogs.

Can you help?