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DSLR Camera Shopping for Novices: Oaxaca Summer 2011 Photo Expedition

Yesterday, I had a question from a novice photographer interested in attending the Summer 2011 Oaxaca Photography Expedition: Market Towns and Artisan Villages. This would be his first trip outside the United States and he does not own a DSLR … Continue reading


Robbins Photography and Summer 2011 Photo Expedition News

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Sam and Tom Robbins, wife and husband art photographer team from Columbus, Ohio, are set to lead June 29-July 5 photo expedition in Oaxaca, Mexico.  They were just featured in a Columbus, Ohio area newspaper. Read more in This Week … Continue reading


Casita Colibri Gives Shannon Pixley Sheppard a Birdseye View of Oaxaca

About Shannon Pixley Sheppard and how she came to Oaxaca starts here at the beginning of this sentence (click “About”).  If you want to read about how an ex-pat from the San Francisco Bay Area took a leap forward, retired … Continue reading


Responsible Tourism, Cultural Tourism and Fair Trade

Today, I want to write about the easier aspects of getting back to Oaxaca in a month and what that means.  I can imagine the menu that Reyna Mendoza Ruiz and I have settled on for the cooking class we … Continue reading


The McAllister Family Whirlwind Winter Holiday in Mexico

Walter and Annette McAllister took their family to Mexico during the Christmas holidays.  Walter had subscribed to Oaxaca Cultural Navigator and did his homework.   I’ve never met them, but Walt, a chef, would write me periodically with questions or comments.  … Continue reading