Lodging Along the Way

  • Teotitlan del Valle:  Casa Josefina “Las Granadas”, contact robertachristie@yahoo.com or 5244232, $25 USD per night includes breakfast
  • Hotel Calli, Tehuantepec, 800 pesos per night
  • Hotel Grifer, Crucecita (Huatulco), 500 pesos per night
  • Casa de los Sabores (Oaxaca), Pilar Cabrera, $75 USD per night
  • Las Bugambilias (Oaxaca), Aurora Cabrera, $85 USD per night, bugambilia@lasbugambilias.com
  • El Pelicano, Mazunte, 500 pesos per night

These are the places we have actually stayed and can recommend. 

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