Restaurants Along the Way

We have taken meals at these eateries and can recommend them.

  • San Martin Tilcajete: “Azucena” on the road to Ocotlan
  • Mazunte: “El Pelicano” and “Un Secreto”
  • Crucecita: “El Sabor de Oaxaca”
  • San Augustin Etla: “Comedor Alheli” (260 pesos for 5 people, plus standard 10% tip, which included roasted chicken, fresh tortillas, rice, sopa de elote, beer or agua fresca)
  • Oaxaca: “Temple,” “La Biznaga,” “Maria Buena,” “Casa Oaxaca,” “Marco Polo”
  • Teotitlan del Valle: “The Sacred Bean” coffee shop, “El Descanso Restaurant”, “Samburguesa,” and “Las Granadas” Bed & Breakfast will also prepare comida with an advanced reservation
I also want to recommend that you check out this Blog for a great commentary on eating in Oaxaca by a very savvy 30-year old New Yorker who lived there for four months:

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