Oaxaca 6.5 Earthquake Rattles on June 30, 2010


This quake happened about 75 miles south of Oaxaca city along the Pacific coast in a largely unpopulated mountainous region of the state near the village of Pinotepa Nacional (where glorious natural cotton is woven, by the way).  To read more, I’ve attached a link to all the news about Oaxaca — and today, it’s about this earthquake from various news sources.

From Oaxaca city, my friend Sheri Brautigam says:  I think it was rather a small earthquake – I felt it for a few seconds or more. If it had been stronger I would have definitely jumped up and moved….but it wasn’t.  Haven’t heard anything more – and other sources say it was 5.7 – so I’ll let you know if there is any info.

2 Responses to Oaxaca 6.5 Earthquake Rattles on June 30, 2010

  1. I’m in the center of Oaxaca city, and it was a good jolt in the middle of the night – but nothing more after that (here, anyway). The USGS reports it at 6.2 now.

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