Travel Day (and Night) to Oaxaca, Mexico

You might think that a short post about taking an airplane to Oaxaca belongs in a Tweet or Facebook post. Federal elections will be held this Sunday, June 7, and this is wrecking havoc in Oaxaca. The Oaxaca airport was closed yesterday and news from friends there on the ground is that it is closed today, too.  The CNTE teachers union Section 22 has shut down the airport and Pemex gasoline stations in and around Oaxaca. Access is limited.

This is a way of life in Oaxaca. We are never surprised, only discouraged that we have to find alternate routes, interrupt plans, do a work-around and accept. What I have learned from living in Mexico is patience and acceptance. As a visitor, that’s all I can do.

I arrive in Mexico City this evening. My plan is to take an overnight ADO bus to Oaxaca arriving tomorrow morning. This way, I’ll avoid the Oaxaca airport. I hope there is a taxi driver and enough gasoline to get me home and no delays along the way.

Friends from Oaxaca and Philadelphia are also scheduled to arrive into Oaxaca this evening by air from Houston. I hope it will be an easy day for them, too.

Hasta pronto from SFO, Norma



5 responses to “Travel Day (and Night) to Oaxaca, Mexico

  1. I empathise. The same thing happens in India during any election! On a visit to Ahmedabad a few years ago I could not leave the city limits in case civil disruption prevented me from getting back again! I was stuck with everything closed so I hired a local taxi and went to the zoo! Huge error in judgment – I still have the images in my mind. Such things are to be avoided at all costs! On a political level the ethos of these two countries have many parallel lines! Travel safely and I know you will simply take the best from the experience. We will be in Oaxaca on July 15th. I do hope you may be around!

  2. Hola Amiga,

    Buen suerte.

    Jo Ann and Tom

  3. Well Norma, You’ve really figured it out, patience and acceptance!
    It’s true! It would be so easy to get all riled up, because it doesn’t seem fair-
    but this is the way the people “la gente” get their voices heard.
    Maybe we should try more of that in the good ole USA!

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