Open Studio with Visiting India Artists, January 30, 6-8 PM

Textile artist Nidhi Khurana and artist/painter Ruchin Soni are wrapping up their three-month Oaxaca residency, sponsored by the Mexican government as part of a Mexico-India cultural exchange program.


Both are well-known in Delhi, India, for their innovative approach to large format art installations. Nidhi came here to experiment with natural dyes, and especially cochineal which is not sourced in India. She dyed cloth that is becoming textile maps of Oaxaca.

Ruchin completed a larger-than-life wall art mural on the highway to Ocotlan, portraits, sketches, and woodcut prints. Their tiny apartment in Oaxaca served as laboratory and design space, too.


They are leaving Oaxaca in early February. We hope you have a chance to drop by to see their work and wish them good journeys.  Gracias, Maria Crespo for opening your space for this exhibition.


I had the pleasure of mentoring Nidhi and Ruchin during their stay, helping Nidhi complete her competitive application to the Mexican government, and introducing her to textile artists and artisans to make her experience more complete. They arrived at the time my mom was dying, so my sincerest thanks to friends Martha Sorensen and Hayley Samuel for stepping in for me during my absence from Oaxaca to make key introductions.

4 responses to “Open Studio with Visiting India Artists, January 30, 6-8 PM

  1. Norma I had just finished writing the word Oaxaca and your post came up on the screen. Synchronicity. Great to see India’s presence in the Oaxacan art world – the connections are old and deep. I am working on a piece to submit to the World Shibori Network Symposium in November – it is my dream to attend – accepted or not! Depends on our diving dollar. Trust all is well in your world. I echo Sheri’s word of thanks for this and all your posts.

  2. Hi there – just posted this on my FB page – Living Textiles of Mexico – for all those in Oaxaca – like myself. Just met Nidhi and Ruchin at the Pochote Xochimilco and they are indeed charming people. Looking forward to seeing their work…
    Thanks for this post Norma..

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