Bibliography Oaxaca: Reference Library

These books are in my collection and they are wonderful.  My three favorites are:  1491, A Perfect Red, and Made in Mexico.  Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art is one of those coffee table book treasures that is now out of print and if you can find one on Amazon, you have to pay a king’s ransom.  The Unbroken Thread laid the foundation for the establishment of the new Museo Textil de Oaxaca, and if you are interested in textile preservation techniques, it is a great resource.  Enjoy!

  • Blossoms of Fire, by Maureen Goslin
  • 1491, by Charles Mann
  • Guns, Germs and Steel, by Jared Diamond
  • A Perfect Red: Empire, Espionage, and the Quest for the Color of Desire, by Amy Butler Greenfield, HarperCollins, ISBN 0-06-052275-5
  • Mexico South by Miguel Cabo Rubios.
  • Calendaria Astrologia Tolteca Zapoteca, Coleccion Luna Roja, ISBN 968-15-1792-X.
  • The Codex Borgia by Gisele Diaz and Alan Rodgers, ISBN 0-486-27569-8, Dover Publications, 1993.
  • The Unbroken Thread, Conserving the Textile Traditions of Oaxaca, The Getty Conservation Institute, ISBN 0-89236-381-9, 1997 J Paul Getty Trust
  • Zapotec Weavers of Teotitlan, by Andra Fischgrund Stanton, Museum of New Mexico Press, 1999, ISBN 0-8913-334-4
  • Taller Flora, by Carla Fernandez, Editorial Diamantina, Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, 2006, ISBN 968-5467-08-0
  • Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art, by Fernandez de Calderon, Sarmiento and Alvarez, publisher: Fomento Cultural Banamex, ISBN 968-5234-0904
  • Made in Mexico: Zapotec Weavers and the Global Ethnic Art Market, by W. Warner Wood, Indiana University Press, ISBN 978-0-253-21986-2
  • Design Motifs of Ancient Mexico, Jorge Enciso, Dover Publications, ISBN 0-486-20084-1
  • An Aztec Herbal: The Classic Codex of 1552, by William Gates, Dover Publications, ISBN 0-486-41130-3