Learn to Weave in Oaxaca

Are there courses to learn weaving in Oaxaca? I don’t know. There was a fantastic exhibition of textiles at the museum in San Augustin Etla, including work my contemporary weavers who I assume are living and working in Oaxaca. Contacting the Francisco Toledo arts center in Oaxaca would be a good start to find an answer. Another option is to contact Eric Chavez Santiago in Teotitlan del Valle, the rug weaving village. Eric speaks fluent English, is an excellent weaver, and has given lectures and demonstrations at museums, universities and galleries in the U.S. (See my website: www.oaxacaculture.com for details). Eric would be agreeable to teaching a private workshop in both weaving and natural dyeing techniques for whatever time a prospective student or group of students has available. Andrea Donnelly, a textile student from NC State University, spent three weeks with him last summer learning dyeing and weaving techniques. You can contact Eric at 5244078 (from the US, add 011 52 951 in front of the number).

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