Dance of the Feather–A Promise & Commitment: Documentary Film

Dance of the Feather: A Promise & Commitment is a short film written, filmed and directed by Betty Hutchins and Scott Switzer during the Oaxaca Documentary Filmmaking Workshop: Visual Storytelling, held in Teotitlan del Valle from January 31 to February 6, 2009.  The film makers explore the meaning of the dance with Uriel Santiago, who expresses what it means to him to be part of this ancient Zapotec and Spanish tradition.  It is ripe with tradition, religious ritual and meaning.  Uriel emphasizes that this is not a folkloric dance but a commitment to God.

Instructors were Erica Rothman, Nighlight Productions, Chapel Hill, NC, and Mikel Barton, Durham, NC.  The workshop was produced by Oaxaca Cultural Navigator LLC.  We plan to offer a 2010 film making workshop in Oaxaca.  Let us know if you want to join the wait list.

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