Swine Flu: False Alarm for Mexico?

I will be brief.  I’m in Columbus, Ohio, with my girlfriend Sam Robbins.  She is a master quilter and has a ticket to Oaxaca for June to teach a workshop at the Museo Textil de Oaxaca (textile museum).  Do I go or not go? she said yesterday as we talked about the impact on Mexican tourism and health safety.  We’ll need to wait it out to see what is happening.

So, lo and behold, this morning in the NY Times the headlines blare that this whole “epidemic” scare for Mexico could be over-inflated and the deaths attributed to this new flu virus is now pared to less than half the original estimate.  Cases thought to be — ARE NOT.

This  is beginning to feel like one more example of media hype similar to the drug wars fears that beset Mexico tourism fears a couple of months ago.

Now, I can return to NC and we can lift the travel ban for our students heading off to Oaxaca to volunteer in the public health clinic, and Sam can go to Oaxaca with an easy mind.  I would encourage you, if you  have travel plans, to monitor the news in the next few days.  It looks like the whole thing is a FALSE ALARM.

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