Oaxaca #1 Travel Destination for Families With Children

SINGAPORE (Reuters Life!) – Many cities can be overwhelming for young travelers, but some are as much fun for the kids as the grown-ups.

Lonely Planet’s “Travel With Children” guide lists the top 10 cities around the world that are ideal to visit with children. This list is not endorsed by Reuters:


This colorful Mexican city is pint-sized, charming and fun to explore on foot. A central plaza provides plenty of run-around space for kids and there’s a vibrant market. www.visitmexico.com


For the rest of the Top 10 list, click on the link.

There still seems to be the erroneous impression “out there” in the world that Mexico may not be a safe enough travel destination.  I bring this up because Oaxaca, Mexico is cited here by Lonely Planet as being a top travel destination for families with children.  I can’t imagine that this recommendation would be made IF there was a concern about safety!

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