Typical Oaxaca Weather in July

Hi Norma, I hope you don’t mind me bothering you again and asking this, but I’m having no luck getting a reply from anyone else in Mexico and finding mixed advise on the internet.

Can you tell me what the weather is likely to be doing in Oaxaca in Jjuly? i know its the summér rainy season, but does it actually rain all the time? is it extremely hot and humid? We have found a lovely beach hut we would like to rent but i’m worried the babies might find the heat too much as it doesnt have any air conditioning etc.  We have to come in July, but we dont want to sit on the beach in the rain all holiday. i have heard the Baha peninsular gets less rain but we really want to see oaxaca and the old mexico.
Any advice you might wish to impart would be much appreciated!

Dear J:
It is hot and humid on the coast of Oaxaca in July.
There might be a rain shower for 10-30 minutes in
late afternoon, usually and predictably around 3-5 p.m.
There are plenty of shady spots, since people there
also stay out of the sun and construct palapas (shelters)
out of bamboo that provide respite.  There's always a
breeze that comes in off the ocean, so evening sleeping
weather should be okay without air conditioning.  Few
places, except for the very upscale, have air
conditioning.  Some have fans, although more rustic
places will not.  We were in Mazunte in January, near
Puerto Angel and Zipolite,and our small and lovely room
had only a fan.  It was quite comfortable.

The Oaxaca rainy season is considered to be April
through July.  

Oaxaca city is inland in the highlands at 6,000
feet altitude.  It is dryer there in the summer and
usually in the mid-80's Fahrenheit, although it can
also rain briefly each day.  We usually duck into a
cafe for a coffee or beer, or take an afternoon nap
if we are closer to home.  If you wish, you can carry
a small, fold-up umbrella (but I find it more trouble
than it's worth) and a hat with a wide brim.   Bring
plenty of sunscreen and hats for your children.  The
sun is strong, like Australia.

Make your plans and go and enjoy yourselves.

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