Benito Juarez Airport Mexico City–Moving Luggage Between Terminals

Hello Norma,

I stumbled across your wonderful website because I was googling “help with luggage in juarez airport” and found your article from the 16/Feb from this year.
I hope you have the time to help me with my question, because it is driving me crazy. 🙁

The situation is the following: I am a student from Monterrey, Mexico who is moving to Germany to study and work for a time; because the airline Mexicana went broke this spring I lost my connecting flight in Mexico City and had to purchase 2 separate tickets with different airlines….so I have to collect my bags in Mexico City in Terminal 2 and recheck them  with the other airline in Terminal 1.

The problem is I have a lot of bags!!! 3 big heavy bags,1 standard carryon and a purse  (winter clothes, shoes, books, salsa jars, gifts etc add up fast) and I am worried if I will be able to manage all of it.

My question is, do you know if one is able to take the luggage cart up to the aerotren, or if there is any personnel that could assit me move my luggage from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1?

I hope you are able to answer me soon, I fly out on Wednesday, but if you dont see this email in time, dont worry about it 🙂
Right now I am extremely busy but I will bookmark your website and look at it calmly some other time, I think what you are doing to promote Oaxaca and its unique culture is fantastic.

Muchos saludos,
Rocio E.

Dear Rocio, do not worry.  There are many porters available to help you move your luggage from terminal 2 (local internal Mexico flights) to the airtrain that takes you to the international terminal 1.  I usually pay them $1 USD or 10 pesos per bag for the propina.  Since you have so much, you might want to give a little more.  You will take your bags off the conveyor belt and put them through the customs (aduana) screener.  You will need to find a cart to put them on.  Then, you exit that area and you will see all the porters who offer to help you carry bags.
Have a good trip.

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