Tlacolula Market: Oaxaca Photography Best of Day Two

Sunday is market day in Tlacolula de Matamoros, Oaxaca.  Our assignment was to capture the frenzy of the market but slow it down using slow shutter speeds to reflect motion.  Using the photojournalism style of photography means looking at a scene with honesty.  Perfect in a place with no time or space to set up a composition.  Perfect for on your feet street photography!

Here, we make a quick stop at the chocolate molino — to see them preparing the roasted cacao beans that are then ground with cinnamon, vanilla, and spices.  Many families have their own recipes.


The market is huge controlled chaos, says my friend Hollie.  All the streets are blocked off and covered with plastic tarp where people set up shop to sell everything and anything.  Everyone is on a mission, going somewhere, carrying a bundle.  It is excitement, noise, full of smells of food and visions of vibrant color.


Passersby include nurses raising money for private clinics, women in indigenous dress, children of vendors who play on telephone poles and curbs.


Passing through the market also means learning to “shoot from the hip” to get the shots where you know you would be intrusive otherwise!  It was a great day.

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