Mexico City in Summer Rain

Each afternoon this time of year, around four or five o’clock, the rains start.  They can last about thirty minutes, sometimes even an hour or more, and are occasionally accompanied by thunderstorms. People here are prepared. They carry umbrellas.  MexCityRain2014-7

Or, they have a late lunch-early dinner, as is the custom, and hang out in a favored restaurant or cafe until it all passes and cools everything off. It’s usually so beautiful and fresh in the morning that I forget to tote my own paragua and then find myself tiptoeing through raindrops or seeking shelter under an awning when the rains come.

MexCityRain2014-6 MexCityRain2014-4

It’s impossible to find a taxi libre — one that is free and not filled with families, not prepared like me!









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