Mixed (Shopping) Bag: Oaxaca + Chiapas Textiles

I’m back in Taos, arriving just in time for April winds and lots of blooming plants. Kerchoo. They tell me this is springtime in northern New Mexico and the Rockies. Now I know why my friend Winn, who has lived here for a long time, chooses to stay in Oaxaca until the end of April despite the heat there!

I’m settling in to high desert life here after Jacob and Shelley’s wedding in San Clemente, California on March 26. The new house construction is coming along, albeit more slowly than anticipated because of all the obvious supply chain slowdowns. I’ve finished my taxes (early), and have settled down to sorting through all the wonderful clothes I purchased to support some very talented artisans on the Oaxaca coast and Chiapas highlands. I’m dividing the more than 24 pieces I’m offering for sale into two posts in order not to overwhelm you with choices! Here is the first group. I’ll likely publish the next group either over the weekend or on Monday.

Meanwhile, enjoy the spring holidays. Despite all the alarming international and domestic news, there is a lot to be grateful for. Let’s keep Ukraine in our hearts and minds, and make a donation to support all those displaced from this conflict in honor of freedom and democracy in this season of celebration. To life!

For this sale, Oaxaca Cultural Navigator LLC will donate 5% of all sales to HIAS, an international refugee relief program, for support of Ukraine refugees regardless of religious affiliation and in support of Ukraine and refugees from the Americas amassed at the Mexico-USA border waiting for entry.

How to Buy: mailto:norma.schafer@icloud.com Tell us the item you want by number. Send your complete mailing address. Tell us how you want to pay (3 choices, below). We accept three payment methods:

  1. Zelle bank transfer with no service fee.
  2. Venmo with a 3% service fee.
  3. PayPal with a 3% service fee.

When you tell us by email that you are ready to order and have made your selections by Item Number, you will also tell us your payment preference. We will then confirm your order, mark your item sold, send you totals and our Zelle account information. For Venmo or PayPal, we will send you a request for payment that includes a 3% service fee.

Note: We add on $13 for the mailing fee to your total order.

#2. SOLD Venustiano Carranza, Chiapas gauze huipil, backstrap loom woven w/sparkly yellow, green, red accents in supplementary weft. 23” wide x 33” long. $245
SOLD #3. Native Oaxaca green, coyuchi and cream cotton, handspun, backstrap loomed from Amusgo group in Guerrero. 22” wide x 28” long. $85
#4. From Alberto Lopez Gomez, Kokul Pok cooperative, Magdalena Aldama, Chiapas. He was invited to 2020 NY Fashion Week! Workmanship is outstanding. 22”wide x 24” long. $450
SOLD. #5. Cafe au lait color with coyuchi and green cotton accents, handspun cotton, backstrap loom woven from San Juan Colorado, Oaxaca. 24” wide x 22” long. $165
#6. French knots and organic cotton, Aguacatenango, Chiapas Size L 15” of embrodiery across the bodice. 27” long. $145

#7. same color as above #6, but size XL. $145

#8. Zinacantan Flower Garden. Embroidered on polyester, drip dry. 25” wide x 29” long unfinished hem. $110

#9. Zinacantan Flower Garden 2. Chiapas. 25×29” $110

SOLD #10. San Juan Colorado, Oaxaca, crop top, perfect for jeans, too. Indigo and wild marigold. backstrap loomed. 31” wide x 21” long. $225
#11. Chenalho, Chiapas dog paw design, supplementary weft, blackstrap loomed. 100% cotton. Shawl or table runner! 19” wide x 80” long. $95
SOLD #12. San Juan Colorado, Oaxaca, backstrap loomed. Dyed with raw indigo leaves, supplementary weft woven with coyuchi native cotton. 28” wide x 39” long. $325

#14. Black backstrap loom woven gauze blouse from Venustiano Carranza, accented with supplementary weft colorful pattern. #15 Complimentary scarf included. Blouse is 23” wide x 23” long. Scarf is 15” wide x 72” long. Buy both for $185. Blouse alone is $155. Scarf alone is $75.

Thanks for looking. Remember, please take your measurements to see if a garment will fit. All sales final.

Making progress. Home building on the Rio Grande River Gorge.

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