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Mexico City Offers Free Health Insurance to Attract Tourists: LA Times Reports

I want to share this travel post from the L.A. Times.  It offers a great incentive for tourists to travel to and spend time in Mexico City.  The H1N1 flu scare has devastated Mexico’s tourism industry.  While 140 people across Mexico have died and we mourn their loss, this pales to the loss of jobs and economic hardship as a result of the fear factor.  Come to Mexico City and if you get sick, you can choose any private hospital for your health care — FREE!  That’s a great guarantee.


CDC Lifts Travel Ban to Mexico, Effective May 15, 2009

“Despite the spread in the United States, the CDC lifted its warning against unnecessary travel to Mexico. So far that country has experienced the most severe outbreak, but officials in Mexico predicted Friday that they would bring it under control by the end of the month. The CDC said individuals with other health conditions should consult with their doctors before traveling to Mexico,” according to an article published in the Tacoma, Washington newspaper excerpted from a story that was syndicated by the Washington Post, May 16, 2009. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/05/15/AR2009051503533.html?hpid%3Dmoreheadlines&sub=AR

Time to buy your ticket?  We did two weeks ago 🙂  Good deals still to be found, I’m certain!