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Shakira Calls for Tourism to Mexico

Friday, June 5, 2009

MEXICO (AP) – “Dolls like this vacation in Mexico” read one shirt that the Colombian singer Shakira wore in Los Angeles this week that was part of a campaign to revive the battered tourism industry following the outbreak of swine flu, reported his record label company Sony.

The pledge taken by Shakira, the interpreter of “The hips do not lie,” was a gift to fellow Mexican Alejandro Fernandez, who also participates in the campaign to promote Mexico as a safe destination and where the authorities say they have controlled the epidemic.

Mexico had suspended school activities for a couple of weeks and some business activities between April and May due to the detection of  the new influenza A virus H1N1, which has left more than 5,700 infected (fewer than the U.S.) and at least 106 deaths in the country.

A press statement released by Sony, the label of the Colombian artist, explained that the purpose of Shakira’s stay in Los Angeles is to record a video, but they did not specify whether this will be new material to be recorded from the multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy award winner.

Shakira aboga por turismo a México
vie 05 jun – 18h11

MEXICO (AP) – “Muñecas como esta vacacionan en México” se leía en una camiseta que la cantante colombiana Shakira lució en Los Angeles esta semana y fue parte de una campaña para reactivar la industria turística del país golpeada tras el brote de gripe porcina, informó su firma disquera.

La prenda que llevó la intérprete de “Las caderas no mienten” fue un regalo que le hizo su colega mexicano Alejandro Fernández, quien también participa en la campaña para promover a México como un destino seguro y en donde las autoridades dicen haber controlado la emergencia epidemiológica.

México debió suspender durante un par de semanas las actividades escolares y parcialmente las comerciales entre abril y mayo debido a la detección del nuevo virus de influenza A H1N1, que ha dejado más de 5.700 contagiados y al menos 106 muertos en el país.

Un comunicado de prensa divulgado por Sony, el sello disquero de la artista colombiana, explicó que la estancia de Shakira en Los Angeles tiene el objeto de grabar un video, aunque no se especificó si se trata de algún nuevo material que esté por lanzar la ganadora de múltiples Grammy y Latin Grammy.

Source:  Yahoo! Musica Mexico http://new.mx.music.yahoo.com/news/read///05062009/8/entretenimiento-shakira-aboga-turismo-mexico.html

Wigged Out By H1N1 or The Masked Bandit Rides, Again

I’m on an airplane to Detroit.  There may be 6-8 people on board a full flight who are wearing surgical masks.  This is a first for me, and despite the strange looks and at the encouragement of two passengers just behind me who were talking about when they were putting their masks on, I did, too.  There is an assumption that if you are wearing a mask you are sick.  So, the looks were pretty intense as I made my way down the aisle to find my seat mid-cabin.  I can’t imagine hospital personnel wearing these things all day.  There is that warm, moist, almost suffocating feeling of having your nose and mouth covered, a feeling reminiscent of when I was a child breathing in the menthol warm, moist air generated by the vaporizer when I was sick.  The man next to me is going to Detroit to visit his first grandchild, 2 weeks old.  He promised his daughter he would wear a mask, shower and wash his hair before touching the newborn.  How many times did I wash my hands today?

At dinner last night, Marci asked me when was the last time I was in Mexico before she would give me a hug in greeting.  Not since mid-February, I replied.  Then, today in the NY Times I read that the virus could have mutated from bird to pig to human as long as a year ago.  Perhaps it is of the variety that erupts when the weather turns warm, rather than vice versa, I wonder.  We are all preoccupied now and doing anything we can to protect ourselves despite the fact that some health care professionals say the face masks don’t help prevent the illness.  Then, why, I might ask, are they handing out masks all over Mexico and the photos of the health care workers in the Mexican hospitals are all wearing them?

Today is Thursday, one day before the start of a long Mexican holiday weeking leading up to Cinco de Mayo – the Battle of Puebla.  I am on my way to Columbus, Ohio, to visit my friend Sam (Frances) Robbins.  We are going to celebrate our Oaxaca connection by creating our own Cinco de Mayo fiesta.  Perhaps I will make Micheladas.  For certain, we will dine on her Talavera dishes hand made and carried back from our Puebla adventures.  This is the best we can do right now.  Neither of us have plans to be in Mexico in the next month.

My glasses are fogging up.  The flight attendant is serving drinks and snacks.  Do I pass on them or raise my mask to drink?  The dilemmas of travel during influenza.  I pass as she looks at me hesitantly.  What does Joe Biden know?