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Moved to the Mesa Jewelry Sale: Vintage

Whew! When I returned to New Mexico from Oaxaca in early August, the daunting task of moving lay before me. That took a week. I’m still unpacking. Then I went to Albuquerque for cataract surgery. That took a week. Then my son and Oaxaca godchildren arrived for a visit. Did I say I’m still unpacking? And, I’m not yet hooked up to Internet, so work life has slowed down to almost a standstill. I’m constantly reminded of Federico Chavez Sosa’s mantra he taught me years ago: Patiencia. Calma. Tranquila.

As the plumbers are working on my well connection today (currently getting household water from a cistern buried in my front yard), I’m going through boxes and deciding what to send off into the world. I hope these are interesting to you!

How To Buy: tell me the piece you want by number. Tell me your complete name and mailing address. Tell me how you want to pay: Zelle (no service fee), PayPal or Venmo (3% service fee). I will mark the piece you want SOLD. I add $14 mailing cost to your purchase and send you a request for funds. Happy to combine shipping for two or more pieces.

#1. Native American Hopi inlaid cuff, $595

This cuff measures 5-1/2” on the inside with a 1” opening. Inlaid with sugalite, spiny oyster shell, turquoise, black jet. Signed CB, marked sterling.

#2. Sterling silver bracelet with security chain marked JLF Taxco. $245

Jose Luis Flores, (Eagle 3) is personally featured on Page 67 of Bille Hougart’s THE LITTLE BOOK OF MEXICAN SILVER TRADE AND HALLMARKS as a major designer and silversmith. Bracelet measures 7” to circumference inside when closed.

SOLD #3. Oaxaca 12k gold filigree earrings, handcrafted. $195

Huge purple cut glass oval center stones set off the beauty of these earrings. 1-1/2” long x 1” wide with French hooks for secure fit.

#4. William Spratling bangle, sterling and walnut, $325

This bangle opens to easily fit around your wrist with a secure clasp. This is not a vintage piece but it is made in the Taxco workshop licensed for Spratling and measures 7” in circumference on the inside when closed. Original quality.

#5. Oaxaca 12k gold filigree earrings, tri-color with French hooks. $195. 2” long x1” wide.
Three vintage Mexican bracelets!

#6 Top. Intricate ebony and sterling silver. I think this is marked Ballasteros, famed Taxco silversmith from the 60’s. $235 measures 7” circumference on inside.

SOLD #7 Middle. Storyteller bracelet, stamped Sterling silver. 7” long. $125.

#8 Bottom. Carved onyx and sterling silver bracelet. 7” long. $125.

#9. Sterling silver and freshwater pearls earrings from Puebla, cast silver. $145. 1-1/2” wide x 1-1/2” long.
#10. Mexican silver coin bracelet, 10 centavos, all dated 1934. To open requires a pin for security. $125. 8” circumference.
#11. 14k gold and Mediterranean coral bracelet with claw clasp. Delicate. Measures 7-1/4” long. $165.
#12. Michael Dukepoo inlaid turquoise, Mediterranean coral, jet, sterling silver cuff.

Famed Taos Pueblo artisan, son of NaNa Ping (Michael Garcia), Michael made this cuff for me and it doesn’t fit. I didn’t have the heart to ask him to make me another one since it was a special order! Gulp, paid $800. Yours for $500. measures 4-5/8” inside dimension with a 1” opening. 1/2” wide. Very small wrist!

#13. Fossilized stone cuff from Puebla. Measures 6” inside end to end plus 1” opening. 1-1/8” wide. $325

SOLD #14. Oaxaca sterling silver filigree and onyx earrings by Jota Jota. $235

Measures 2-1/2” long x 1-1/4” wide. all handcrafted from fine silver wire in the traditional style from one of the finest workshops in the city.

EXPOventa: Textiles + Jewelry, Oaxaca Centro, Thursday, February 6

We have curated this POP-UP, one-morning-only EXPOventa with the Best of the Best textile artisans we know plus ONE GREAT filigree silversmith who is usually hidden away in his studio in the LaNoria neighborhood of downtown Oaxaca. Please share. Tell your friends. Don’t miss it! Cash sales.

We are winding up our whirlwind Oaxaca City and Villages Folk Art Tour and scheduled this EXPOventa for our travelers. Eric and I want to open it up to the public to give these deserving artisans a chance to show off what they make. Meet the makers. Support the artisans directly. All proceeds go directly to them!