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Oaxaca: Tlacolula Market & Hammock Shopping

Our quest for this Sunday’s Tlacolula market was to buy two handwoven cotton hammocks for the casita, a table for our bedroom, and a lot of fresh fruit for munching on.  The entire family piled into two cars, and with shopping bags and baskets in hand, we set off for this famous tianguis that has everything under the sun and more.  The secret to buying a handmade hammock is to choose the vendor who weaves the hammocks with a high quality cotton that is finished well.  The weave should be tight.  We did not choose the brightly colored ones because they are woven with polyester and we wanted the authentic version.  After bargaining, the cost was 230 pesos each. After buying the hammocks, we went to the vendor who sells strong rope (along with handmade slingshots, leather belts, and harnesses) and bought enough to secure both ends at home.   Here you see us after the hammocks are installed! plus market scenes.