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Poster: Textile Arts of Oaxaca — October 2008 North Carolina Calendar

From Mitla to Sumatra: The Art of the Woven Fret

THIS is Oaxaca! The colors and graphics alone of this brochure singularly depict the vibrancy and energy of Oaxaca life and art. The opening exhibit at the new Museo Textil de Oaxaca explores the pattern of the fret or greca as a universal textile design used around the globe, from southern Mexico to Indonesia. There are 130 textiles on exhibit from all over the world. I hope you can read the text written by curator Alejandro de Avila, who received his PhD from University of California at Berkeley. http://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/Endangered_Lang_Conf/Avila.html

If not, you’ll just have to come to Oaxaca to see the exhibit for yourself 🙂 The cover design is from a tapestry woven by Roman Gutierrez of Teotitlan del Valle. He weaves in the Saltillo style, 22 threads per inch. I have been to his studio/workshop and can attest to the fact that his work is masterful. He also has a commitment to cultural sustainability by teaching village young people traditional methods in order to preserve ancient Zapotec weaving and dyeing techniques.

June 2008 current exhibit at the Oaxaca textile museum