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Choco-Cafe: Easy Mexican Chocolate Coffee Beverage

A possible Mayan chief forbids a person to tou...

Mayan image of chocolate -- a valued commodity

Stephen and I have a morning breakfast habit when we are in Oaxaca.  We are ritualistic coffee drinkers.  For the past decades (too many to mention here), I have been grinding my coffee beans daily to brew my morning beverage of choice.  When we are with Federico and Dolores and their family in Teotitlan, the morning beverage of choice is hot chocolate made with milk and the pungent taste of Oaxaca chocolate blended with chili, cinnamon, vanilla and almonds.  We decided some years back to mix the two and came up with Choco-Cafe.  Our adaptation there and at home is to put the chocolate blocks directly into our coffee and stir, since we don’t drink our coffee with milk.  It is delicious!

When we are in North Carolina, it becomes more challenging.  I just received a holiday gift from my co-worker Nancy.  Wow, does she ever know me.  A box of  Allegro Coffee Company Drinking Chocolate “Organic Mayan Spice 73” was tucked away in my goody bag.  It is Organic Fair Trade Certified dark chocolate mixed with chili, pepper and allspice.  She bought it at Whole Foods Market.

This morning, I added 1 tsp. to my coffee along with 1/2 t. of stevia and WOW!  It is so close to the real thing that I thought I was dreaming.  I highly recommend you try this for a perfect non-alcoholic holiday treat.