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This morning I landed in San Cristobal de las Casas via overnight bus, aided by doses of ginger drops as an antedote to the winding mountain road for much of the trip.  We showed up at Posada Ganesh which was not accurately described in Lonely Planet and decided not to stay.

A friend turned me on to this blog The Improvised Life.  It’s a daily missive about  ways to create, explore, think outside the box, to push beyond one’s comfort zone.  After college I went right to work, raised a family, started then closed a business, and launched a many-year career working in universities. I never back-packed in Europe or India like my friends did after college.  I did what my parents expected of me: go to work, be responsible, live sensibly.

Today, I am sitting in a very clean, friendly, warmback-packers hostel in San Cristobal de las Casas — Casa del Abuelito — surrounded by 20-30-40 something’s who are exploring Mexico and Central America, traveling by bus, off to places north and south, originating from Australia, Canada, the U.S. and Argentina. I regard them with admiration and respect.

This is a mirocosm.  We live in a smaller world, and I now get to try out what it feels like to find a place to sleep without a reservation, stay a little longer if I want to, and not have a plan.   Today I will wander and see what else I will discover.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, enjoy your trip Norma, buy textiles, eat with the locals 🙂
    In san Cristobal, I remember that I have a friend, Úrsula Lascurain, she is a designer and works with artisans from chiapas
    And this co-op will be coming to the museum in february, also from San Cristobal, they might have a store there:


    • Hi, Eric, thanks so much! I have already contacted El Camino de los Altos and we are going to visit them this morning. It is hard to know what textiles to buy — there are so many beautiful ones here — just like in Oaxaca, only different. Abrazos!

  2. i love what you are doing and how you share the story of your moments, thank you, a good reminder for me about one of the things i love so dearly..
    I am working this year and planning to take 6 months to a year off next year with my delicious sweetheart to explore the landscapes of love and life, off the clock. I so appreciate your inspiration and reflections.
    big thank you

    • Bonnie, thanks so much for the heartfelt reply. I am definitely on a stretch and it feels wonderful. Of course, I am very lucky and thankful that I have such a supportive husband who is taking care of our life at home while I set off on this adventure! We each should be so blessed to be able to explore what we are truly capable of doing, learning and being. Big hugs, Norma

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