Portrait Photography in Oaxaca, Day One

Oaxaca, Mexico is a perfect portrait photography learning laboratory for a workshop. Her people are expressive, colorful and make great subjects for photographers.  Yesterday morning, we gathered in the courtyard of El Diablo y La Sandia for a learning session with Matt Nager, our talented instructor from Denver, Colorado.  Then, we went out on the street to practice what we learned.

After lunch, we went into the studio space of artist Mauricio Cervantes who is preparing for an upcoming exhibition in the Chelsea district of Manhattan, New York City.  We posed Mauricio for a series of portraits that each of us took turns taking.

Here are my best shots of the day of Mauricio Cervantes:


And, my best street shots.  [The difficult part for me was to go up to complete strangers and ask their permission to take their photographs, standing no more than 2 feet away from them.  This requires establishing a relationship. That’s very different from using a telephoto lens and doing sleuth photography.  Sometimes, I got turned down and just carried on.]



Next photography workshop is Oaxaca Photography Expedition: Market Towns and Artisan Villages this summer.  If you are interested in the next Street and Portrait Photography Workshop with Matt Nager, send me an email.







6 responses to “Portrait Photography in Oaxaca, Day One

  1. Love your pics Norma!!! I´d like to have of them with the posibility to…
    a) Load them up in my own blog
    b) Print them in a catalog I am going to edit when coming back from NY in May

    Best for you Lady!

    • Hi, Mauricio. We have many more excellent photos that we all shot of you during our photo session. I’ll be burning them onto a CD and bringing them to you this week as our gift for agreeing tobe our most wonderful and delightful subject! You can use them for whatever purposes you wish. Abrazos. -Norma

  2. My vote for your best pix of the day are:
    Mauricio- the last one, a close up.
    and on the street:
    The dark brown man with the well lit baby.
    I am reading your posts nearly every day.
    My health is greatly improved and only using Oxygen at night now after a vigorous 4 months of pulmonary rehab.
    I haven’t felt so well in 5 years!
    You sound happy and I would say that you are working very hard. Your photography is great and the stories are always interesting .
    I am so glad that I traveled to Oaxaca twice and one driving all the way with no interstates after Colonial Mexico. It is all still vivid in my memory.

    • Dear Audrey, thanks for being a loyal reader! Wonderful news about your improved health. Congratulations. And, thanks for voting for the best in each category. I should have a contest , yes? I know that someday I will be reflecting on this great experience and remembering the great Oaxaca adventure, just like you. Sending lots of love. norma

  3. ¡Buen hecho!

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