Oaxaca, Wednesday, March 2-4, 2011 — Not Warm, HOT

Is it global warming that makes the temperature so unpredictable these days? Or is my memory of March pasts failing me?  My bags are packed for my flight to Oaxaca tomorrow, but I may need to reconsider!  Temperatures will range from 89-93 degrees Fahrenheit according to the Weather Underground.  That’s HOT.

Pull out the lightweight cotton and linen.  Put away the fleece.  Grab the sleeveless dress.  Ditch the Patagonia black long-sleeve T.  Reconsider the heavy handwoven cochineal dyed poncho.  Add a lightweight sweater instead.  Pack the straw hat or better yet, buy one there.  What about those wool socks?  They will wick-away the sweat, yes, but my feet will be really HOT.  Sandals sound really appealing.

This high desert, altitude 6,000 feet, confuses me.  At night the temperatures will drop like a stone to about 46 degrees F.  Then, there will be a chill in the air and what will I want to wrap around me?  That wool poncho, perhaps?

Weather map of Oaxaca

Check out the map to see for yourself!

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