Clay Times Magazine Features Dolores Porras Video Review

Oaxaca is known for folk art and especially pottery.  Potter Dolores Porras was one of those exceptional self-taught people who took their traditions, skill and creativity to the next level.  The Atzompa pueblo, where she lived and worked, provided the cooking vessels and ornamental pottery for Monte Alban, one of the earliest cities of Mesoamerica.

The autumn issue of Clay Times magazine reviewed the video about Dolores and her work.  Dolores Porras died in early November 2010.  She is missed by many.  When I visited her studio in February 2010 she was suffering from Parkinson’s and there were only a few pieces left on the shelves of her home gallery.  This video, created by potter Michael Peed, captures Dolores in the fullness of her creative expression. Today, in the Atzompa pueblo, about 30 minutes outside of Oaxaca city, there are many who produce beautiful pottery.  Some are adaptations of the style Dolores Porras developed, including the wonderful work of Teodora Blanco.

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