Hasta Luego, Oaxaca — Nos Vemos Pronto: Goodbye Oaxaca. See you soon!

One of the only pleasures about leaving Oaxaca is arriving early at the airport, checking in with few people in line, and climbing the wide stairway to the second floor for breakfast.  The cafe there is “muy rico” — very delicious and as I look out the window, connected by free Wi-Fi (for about 10 minutes), I see planes coming and going and families saying goodbye.

I can savor the perfectly prepared over-easy eggs served with a piquante salsa, guacamole and a bit of frijoles negros topped with a bit of quesillo string cheese.  I slop all of this up with steaming tortillas that I tear into pieces (in the style of my Oaxaca host family) and taste each morsel.

The fresh fruit display is second to what comes served on mixed fruit plate.  The coffee is dark and rich.  I add unprocessed (carmel colored) sugar to the coffee and it is incredible.  A perfect start to a long travel day on three airplanes to get back to RDU (Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina).

In December or January I will return for several months.  Knowing this makes me happy and I don’t have the usual sadness when I leave Oaxaca this time after a short 10-day visit.  The next time will give me the luxury of time to continue to explore my village and the city and mountain pueblos where I have not yet been.

Hasta pronto!

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