Incommunicado: No Internet in Teotitlan del Valle

Why?  Last Friday a huge thunderstorm came through and lightening struck the Telmex box that provides Internet service to most of the village, including the house where I live. It is really difficult to write a blog post on an iPhone and the cost to use 3G here in Mexico is prohibitive.  So please bear with me. We are waiting for service to be restored. There’s some administrative procedure needed that I don’t understand. Life is both easy and complicated here. Right now, I’m at  a restaurant where my iPhone has WiFi but I can’t get my computer  online. Which means no blog posts and no Skype. Aye yay yay.

Postscript:  I conquered it!  Now online and ready to go again, reporting from El Descanso Restaurant in Teotitlan del Valle, at the corner of Avenida Benito Juarez and Hidalgo!

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