Another Rumble: Temblor (Earthquake) in Oaxaca Today

This one was not much to write home about.  On the border of the States of Oaxaca and Guerrero very close to the epicenter of the big one (7.4) we felt two weeks ago, today’s earthquake a little after 1 p.m. shook for about 15 seconds and was gone.  They say these are strong aftershocks from the earlier one.  Today’s quake that some are calling a terremoto, registered 6.3 at the epicenter and was felt in Mexico City, Acapulco and Oaxaca.  No damage!  I looked up at Dolores and Omar, they looked at me, we said in unison, “temblor?”  They nodded and we went on about our business.  This must mean I’m getting used to it.

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