Order Dolores Porras Video on New Website: Ceramics Education

Dolores Porras: Artista Artesana de Barro is a 31-minute documentary video made by Michael Peed, a university ceramics professor.  This link takes you to a new website where you can buy the DVD.  When the DVD was released in 2010, I reviewed it here on my blog because it offers an outstanding discussion of the traditional clay making process in Santa Maria Atzompa, Oaxaca, by one of the grand masters of Oaxaca folk art, Dolores Porras, who died in November 2010.

Michael is the perfect person to have made this video.  He is a potter and taught ceramics at the University of Montana.  He knew Dolores intimately and followed her career, interviewing her and capturing her during various stages of the clay making process for twelve years.  The video is a treat to watch, is ideal for educational purposes at the middle, high school and university level, and documents one of the most important folk artists in Oaxaca.  I was fortunate enough to visit Dolores just a few months before she died and took this photo below.

I encourage you to buy a copy and watch it.  It is a treasure to have and to gift to anyone interested in ceramics, pottery and folk art.

The new website where you can order the DVD was created by Shannon Sheppard who lives in Oaxaca.

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