Out-Takes Part I: Day of the Dead Photography Workshop

First the disclosure: Everyone whose likeness appears here has agreed to have these sometimes embarrassing, revealing and funny photos published on OCN.  We think a good laugh at ourselves is healthy.  These are personal photos we took of each other during the Day of the Dead Photography Expedition in October-November 2012 that didn’t make it (not even close) into the Best of Week category.

First up is Helene Haviland who was caught tasting her first chapulines.


Followed by (above right) “Who is behind that screen door?”  It must be Connie Jo!  We are going to tattle on Erin Loughran. She arrived without her tripod. Had it all ready and forgot to pack it.  While we were on the streets photographing, Erin was searching for a tripod in Oaxaca to fit her camera (below, left).   We caught Debbie Mayfield (above right) hunkered down on the floor with the wool at the studio of the Chavez Santiago Family Weavers.  She was wrapped up in the blue wool for at least an hour. Liz Thomas had a thing for wool, too. Hiding under the skeins seemed to be her preference. Or perhaps the desire for a new hair-do. And our instructor, photographer Bill Bamberger had a little wool on his face after three days of being free of the razor. Okay, enough of that theme. On to the mezcal. Here we have Bella Jacque and Deby Thompson at a mezcal tasting, with Helene there, too, but behind the camera.  They had a great time.

Liz (left), it turns out, bought a $6 bottle of mezcal to share at the Xoxo cemetery.  It was cold and rainy.  Great excuse, huh?  You might guess what happened next. On our second night in Oaxaca, Debbie and Doug Mayfield high-tailed it to the Zocalo to learn how to use their cameras at night and practice with the tripod. This was in preparation for our Xoxocotlan cemetery photography shoot.

No sooner had we arrived at the cemetery than it started to rain. Umbrellas sold out in a matter of rain drops.   My only option was an XL  garbage bag that cost 5 pesos.  Snapped it right up and joined the Mayfields at the corner comedor.  Stylish, wouldn’t you say? Our neighbor at the next table invited us all to join in with a sip of mezcal.  They loved the outfit.  Thanks to Helene for getting this shot!

Helene hunkered under a shawl (she later found one of the last umbrellas) and bought an offering of marigolds to give as a gift to a family cleaning and decorating a grave.

Later in the week, a few of us went to Yagul for archeological exploration, a favorite pastime of Connie (below) who was trained in the field.

More to come with Second Set Out-Takes. Stay tuned.

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