Best of Week Day of the Dead Photographs: Debbie Mayfield

Debbie Mayfield is from Santa Cruz, California, and this was her first visit to Oaxaca, Mexico.  She had just gotten a new camera and wanted instruction plus a great travel adventure for Day of the Dead.  Usually Debbie and her husband Doug travel independently and this was also their first experience being part of a travel workshop group.  They loved it.

Here are Debbie’s best of week photos.  She says, “I learned not to be afraid to experiment with my camera functions and discovered how wonderful the people from Oaxaca are!”  Debbie got off automatic!  Hurray.


“I’d recommend this program to others because there is unstructured time to be on your own.  The flexible schedule made it possible to be in the moment if events came up,” says Debbie.


Debbie and Doug discovered El Sueño de Elpis multimedia installation just across the street from our hotel. She really captured the shadows beautifully.  And this masquer is taking a break from the comparsa along Macedonio Alcala.  Debbie says that “I always felt safe and would not hesitate to walk alone.”

Pedro Montaño (second from top left) and his wife Carina Santiago (third from top left), who own Restaurant Tierra Antigua in Teotitlan del Valle, hosted Debbie and Doug for lunch.  They joined Pedro’s brother Fidel and with Marisela with their parents at El Descanso Restaurant operated by Fidel and Mari. Pedro explained the meaning of Muertos in the village and took Debbie and Doug to the cemetery after comida.  We embed all our photography participants in a family for Day of the Dead to give them the most authentic, culturally sensitive immersion experience.  And, as a gift, we also take a family portrait to share.


Building sand sculptures on the Plaza de la Danza is not without humor and endurance.  It takes at least three days to construct and decorate these amazing works of art.  Pray for no rain.

Self expression through wall art during Dia de los Muertos is ubiquitous around the city, from Jalatlaco to Xoxocotlan. This is NOT graffiti.


Being in the middle of an amazing parade, the spending the day with Carina and Pedro, and visiting the Chavez Santiago Family Weavers were most memorable events for Debbie.  She says, “Thanks, Norma for a truly great Oaxaca experience!”  Thanks to you, Debbie, for being with us and sharing your love of photography and enthusiasm for adventure.  Great pics!

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