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Update: Vintage Gold Jewelry Sale and Helping a Family of Women Home Improvement Project

Just want to tell you that yesterday I sold three pairs of earrings in response to the 10k Gold Vintage Oaxaca Jewelry Sale.  Plus, we raised $785 in cash gifts! Thank you so much. This amount of money goes a long way in Oaxaca where the average daily wage is 100 pesos or about $8 USD — if there is work.

Several readers wanted to help but didn’t want to buy earrings. They suggested I start a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign. Both take a hefty commission if you don’t raise much money. And, there is an immediacy to the family’s construction and home improvement project. The rainy season is starting soon.

So, I invited people to use PayPal to send money that I will convert from dollars to pesos to give to the family.

Want to help with the Home Improvement Project?

            Any size gift is important!  Send $$ to PayPal. My Account is                            oaxacaculture@me.com or I can send you an invoice —                                    gift plus 3% PayPal fee.

The response has been wonderful, generous, amazing, and heartfelt. One woman who made a gift said, “I believe hard-working women need to be able to live their lives with windows and shoes. It is a privilege (and a right) that in some few societies women have been able to control more financial resources than in others. I live in one of those societies, but even for us this is a recent development, not reaching back more than few decades. We are all sisters. We need to remember.” Her words express the feelings of many of us.

We know there are many women and families who need help — in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and around the world. It is always important for me to remember I can’t do everything and help every one, but I can think globally and act locally. Each of us can make a difference in someone’s life.

Earthquakes Common in State of Oaxaca: Oct. 6, 2011 is a 4.2 Magnitude

My friend, Brigitte, from Oaxaca says:  “Which earthquake?”  Was it a non-event in Oaxaca City?

This morning I got a call from a friend asking about the earthquake last night in Oaxaca.  Here is a Map of the site.  The epicenter is near Tonala in the mountains about 75 miles northeast of the southern coastal city of Salina Cruz near the Chiapas border.  This is FAR from the city of Oaxaca!

Having grown up in Southern California where earthquakes are also a common occurrence, I’m always on the alert about earthquakes in Oaxaca.  Fortunately, I know that while some damage can occur with a 4.2 magnitude quake, the ones that are over 6.0 on the Richter Scale can really wreak havoc.  Most of the recent Oaxaca quakes have been in rural areas far from the historic center of Oaxaca city.  That’s not to say they don’t pose a threat to people living in humble homes built of adobe.  The rainy season also brings the risk of landslides to mountain villages, which is what happened last year.

6 foot deep foundations for houses

Those of us who live in and visit Oaxaca often know that this is  earth’s way of taking a breath, letting it out, sighing, and realigning.  The small quakes are good —  the shift and readjustment of life on earth.

Sturdy construction prevents earthquake damage.  Six foot foundations are filled with large boulders reinforced with concrete.

Lots of rebar is used to provide a solid footing for bricks, adobe or concrete blocks — common construction materials.  The Zapotecs really know how to build to last multiple generations!

Solid construction techniques

Here you can see the footings being prepared for house construction — a safeguard against strong earthquakes!