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Tips for Traveling with Technology: Get a Back Up Battery

PowerDuo Reserve - AC charger, car charger, and rechargeable backup battery

Griffin Technology gives mobile a boost

Trust me!  I am not getting paid to plug this.  Stephen just ordered two — one for him and one for me, and it came yesterday.  He’s a sweetheart.  The deal is — this  is a portable battery that charges either from the wall charger (on the right) or car charger (on the left).  So, when you hop on the plane you have a spare external back-up battery to power your iPhone or iPod or iPad (yes, I tested it — it works on my iPad) should your battery run down.  It’s made by Griffin Technology out of Nashville, TN, and you can order online.

David Pogue of the NY Times writes about how to keep your music player, computer, and e-book fully charged during travel, especially during long flights.  This one wasn’t mentioned in his last article, so I’m adding it here as a Norma’s Travel Tip when you depend on technology.